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As we continue to take advantage of Miami Spice, we had a chance to visit Michy’s Restaurant.  Located in the slowly renovated Biscayne Boulevard, which little by little is offering the public, a great selection of fine dining.

Friday night came and we waited to be seated, as Michy’s was packed and rolling!  We took this chance to check out Michy’s unique décor and first thing that came to my mind was, vintage 80’s.  Color selection, wall mirrors and furniture, and honestly we were kind of worried that we had made the wrong decision.  Is good for once in a while to admit you are wrong.  We had a lovely dinner in the outside patio and from start to finish we were amazed. Starting with a great selection of Cava, we moved to our first course, which included a surprisingly delicious Chilled Corn and Crab Soup. Oh My, Oh My! Then we followed with the Salmon Poached in Lemon Olive Oil.  Perfect combination of a lemony and herb taste with Farro (a food product consisting of grains of certain wheat species) and summer vegetables.  Very nice and smooth dish.  And to end, we tried the Plum Cake with pecan crème Fraiche.  Can’t complain, great night and belly full.

Salmon Poached Main Course

Michy’s Miami Spice menu is offered Tuesdays through Friday and Sundays for dinner.

Patiently Waiting for Dinner


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Every last Friday of each month, The MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) located in North Miami, Florida celebrates Art Walk & Jazz Night at the MOCA.  On its latest event, Mandrake PR was there to appreciate some local modern art.   During this wonderful night, a Colombian artist was included to the night’s repertoire and that was our very own Marl Vilaro. His collection of tribal inspired accessories were on display for everyone to enjoy next to other great pieces of art at the vintage fashion and art boutique, Art with A Purpose, located in 791 N.E. 125 Street, North Miami, Florida 33161.

Our experience of MOCA’s Art Walk & Jazz Night was one remembered as a moonlight night visiting art galleries while enjoying wine and jazz tunes by Jean Caze and as one, we recommend and we are sure to repeat. For more information about MOCA’s nightlife schedule visit: http://www.mocanomi.org.

Exploring Some Art

Jazz Entertainment

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