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What a Lovely Dinner

Lido Restaurant is located in Miami Beach at The Standard Hotel. Two words describe Lido’s food: healthy and yummy.  It’s the perfect clash between delicious and wholesome natural food.  Executive Chef Mark Zeitouni has provided an extra hint of care and emphasis into every single dish as they all share high quality organic meats/fish, unprocessed foods and biodynamic wines.  The Mediterranean culture flourishes all through the restaurant as its typical cooking philosophy and décor swiftly makes its presence.  The Greeks and Turks would simply feel cheated!

During my lovely visit I tried the “Living Lasagna” Raw Vegetable Terrine.  I would never try anything that had the words “Living” and “Raw” in the same sentence, but good think I did. Delicious.  Highly recommended and we are pretty sure you will agree.

Lido Restaurant at The Standard Spa Hotel: 40 Island Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

The Miami Spice is offering a dinner menu all through the week, so give Lido Restaurant a try!


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Ceviche 105

If you want to experience an explosion of taste, we recommend that you take a walk downtown and into the fashionable boutique restaurant Ceviche 105.  Great taste, great location and great atmosphere to spend a nice and cozy night with a couple of friends. And taking our very own advice, that is exactly what we did.

Unknown words like Pucusana, pisco, tiradito, caucau and others, will simply stayed unidentified and mysterious to us as the Incas; but meanwhile, your taste buds will enjoy the mystifying flavors of some provocative dishes.  Ceviche 105 opened its doors in September 2008 and its kitchen is overruled by the impeccable aesthetics of both Chef Luis Hoyos and Chef Juan Chipoco, who project passion in every dish they create. We definitely give Ceviche 105, two sizzling thumbs up!

Our selection of the night - Ceviche Trilogy

Our Cozy Night with Friends

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