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The Miami Hair, Beauty and Fashion Show is back for its sophomore year, and it is bigger and better!  The night is all about discovering the latest trends and celebrating everything that is fabulous.  With its renowned pink carpet, already set at the always chic Viceroy Miami Hotel to welcome countless local and international celebrities who will strut their fresh off the runway designs, it will surely fascinate the crowd.  Media from all over the country, and more, will be on site to grasp the magic of this one-of-a-kind event, which took last year the city by storm, and hopes to do the same this year. 

And with new global sponsors adding to its impressive list of supporters as Avianca, Enzo Milano and Mercedes Benz,  it will definitely be again, an event to remember. For more information please visit: www.miamihairbeautyandfashion.com


Hotel Viceroy Miami

485 Brickell Avenue.

Miami Fl 33131

DATE: Thursday, October 27th, 2011

TIME: 6:00pm-12:00am

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Great news, everybody, Mandrake PR has just partnered with Fashion Connect Studio.

About Fashion Connect Studio

Fashion Connect Studio is a combination of 4 fabulous fashion companies dedicated to connect the fashion world.  They walk with you through the fashion world, to guide and help the talent get the best out of each opportunity.  It presently holds fashion headquarters in Miami, New York, Colombia, Caracas, Madrid and Dubai.

This partnership promises to bring good times and produce many original and unique fashion experiences.  Miami, Florida get ready for alternative Fashion Trunk Shows, Runway Pizzazz, and most of all, new and original designers to learn about.

We will be producing new sources for emerging designers to express their creative designs and have the opportunity to exhibit them to the public.  So just hold and be ready for what is coming, because we know you are going to love it.

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Every last Friday of each month, The MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) located in North Miami, Florida celebrates Art Walk & Jazz Night at the MOCA.  On its latest event, Mandrake PR was there to appreciate some local modern art.   During this wonderful night, a Colombian artist was included to the night’s repertoire and that was our very own Marl Vilaro. His collection of tribal inspired accessories were on display for everyone to enjoy next to other great pieces of art at the vintage fashion and art boutique, Art with A Purpose, located in 791 N.E. 125 Street, North Miami, Florida 33161.

Our experience of MOCA’s Art Walk & Jazz Night was one remembered as a moonlight night visiting art galleries while enjoying wine and jazz tunes by Jean Caze and as one, we recommend and we are sure to repeat. For more information about MOCA’s nightlife schedule visit: http://www.mocanomi.org.

Exploring Some Art

Jazz Entertainment

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Building a brand is easy to say but difficult to accomplish.  Mandrake Public Relations, as a full service public relations and marketing firm, has experienced the tenacity one has to possess in order to succeed in this market.  Creating new ventures and possibilities for unknown artists and designers bring many challenges as well as hard work, but the final outcome outweighs anything else.

Case in point, Marl Vilaro Accessories.  Little by little, this young accessories designer, together with Mandrake Public Relations, is creating a brand name in a distant country, one he has yet to visit.  But magically, his name makes way into this constant competitive bazaar of intricate creativity, where every day brings something new to the table.

Marl Vilaro Accessories has much to offer and is in his initial stages of having his official U.S. launch in the United States.  So stay tuned.

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Last night we surely enjoyed a wonderful night filled with fashion, friends and excellent people.  We gathered at Green Grass Boutique for their annual Art & Accessories Bazaar and gawked at some truly excellent works of art!

Firstly, image and style consultant, Marisol Gomez, welcomed us.  She offered her services and gave us a color analysis on what palettes complement our skin types.  What a revelation!! I was surprised to learn that the colors that best suit me are burnt colors, especially coral.  Well I better do some smart shopping now!!

Later, we walked around and discovered amazing jewelry and art displayed all around the boutique.  The fantastic art exposition was from artists Isa Zapata, Cristina Boter, Jamie Gershen and Rosaura Perez.  The jewelry designers were Citrine by the Stones, Mishky, Crish, Silvana Danies, Equinoccio + Equinoccio, Lola James, Strada di Gioia, Jenny Salinas, Astrid Poletti and Katch.

With mother’s day just around the corner, why don’t check out this amazing Bazaar and maybe find that special something for the main woman in your life!

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Its, official! Silvana Danies Jewelry has invaded Miami, Florida. Now everyone will be able to wear her fine collection of boho-chic precious jewels as they will be part of Green Grass Boutique’s latest monthly event, one that certainly should not be missed.

You are cordially invited to come and visit Art and Accessories event at Green Grass Boutique located at 54 S.W. 10th Street, Miami, Florida 33130.  The event to find that special Mother’s Day gift you have been thinking of,  just the right thing for your mom.

You are Invited!

Starting Thursday, May 6 at 7:30pm and following May 7 and 8 from 1:30 to 8pm. Come and enjoy a night of fashion, art and flair! See you there.

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Being that on our last post we introduced this talented individual, well here goes more information about his work.  Enjoy!

Sex appeal, color and a flair for fashion, strange combination of words to describe an artist’s vision through a camera lens, but Tawfick De La Espriella mixes all that and something extra nice in his photos.  One sure thing, he has no limits, case in point, his Legs Infatuation Exhibit.


Once upon a time this talented young photographer didn’t have his heart set out to live by the way of a click and a flash of a camera, but instead had enlisted to become a chef.  And thanks to life’s unexpected turns, he became infatuated with taking photos which led him to study fashion photography at the School of Pop Culture Engineering, also known as Miami Ad School in Miami Beach, FL.

His photographs are explosive and seductive, but at the same time they captivate the attention of any audience, even when is just a pair of shoes.




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A Glimpse of Our Unsuccessful Photoshoot

As Mandrake PR is in the process of creating its own website, the Mandrake team was required to get professional but yet very artistic photos in order to properly complement the website.  We requested the services of the talented and young photographer, Tawfick De la Espriella for this special task.  And let me say, being a model is not as easy as it seems!  We envy those professional models that with a flick of a switch or with a snap of their fingers are picture perfect!! On the contrary, we mortals are succumbed to the trials and tribulations of standing straight while making sure we are aware of every single part of our body as we try to emit a sexy but yet demure image to the camera.

Giselle Bundchen, Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista, we applaud you for showing us how to work it, but for now, we are just going to leave the modeling sessions for the professionals.

Tawfick's Work


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As you may know: Mandrake Public Relations is made up of three members: Jenny Lewis, Paola De Castro and Leyla De La Espriella.  Here is a brief intro of each of its members. Lets start with Jenny Lewis.

Jenny Lewis in one word, Spicy!! Yes, that is the best way to describe this Pandora Box, who you will never know what you are going to find inside. Bohemian, intellectual and spiritual individual with an opinionated mind!

Jenny Lewis

Jenny has always been involved in the fashion industry as she opened her own fashion empire for the past couple of years and has succeeded immensely in it.  Being a trendsetter as she has brought her image and fashion sense to her hometown where she established herself in Colombia as an entrepreneur by creating Mellow Yellow Productions.

In addition to her love of fashion, she has cultivated a no nonsense sales experience that brings the valuable side of business negotiator to Mandrake PR and thanks to her the word “no” doesn’t exist in our dictionary.

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Power Girls with fancy handbags and a bitchy attitude.  Well, not really that bitchy. At Mandrake Public Relations we have a saying: “We Work Hard, but we Play Harder”. Well, in reality, we love what we do but we haven’t gotten to the playing part as of yet. It will come in due time.

I have been asked to write a little more about the birth of Mandrake and its members and, that is precisely what I intent to do in the next couple of weeks.  So here goes a proper introduction of what Mandrake is all about and what its three Power Girls have to say about it.

The A Team

Mandrake is made up of three empowered girls, Paola De Castro, Jenny Lewis and Leyla de la Espriella.  When we use the word empowered, we really mean it.  I will get into it on the next blog.  Tata for now.

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