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Building a brand is easy to say but difficult to accomplish.  Mandrake Public Relations, as a full service public relations and marketing firm, has experienced the tenacity one has to possess in order to succeed in this market.  Creating new ventures and possibilities for unknown artists and designers bring many challenges as well as hard work, but the final outcome outweighs anything else.

Case in point, Marl Vilaro Accessories.  Little by little, this young accessories designer, together with Mandrake Public Relations, is creating a brand name in a distant country, one he has yet to visit.  But magically, his name makes way into this constant competitive bazaar of intricate creativity, where every day brings something new to the table.

Marl Vilaro Accessories has much to offer and is in his initial stages of having his official U.S. launch in the United States.  So stay tuned.


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Last night we surely enjoyed a wonderful night filled with fashion, friends and excellent people.  We gathered at Green Grass Boutique for their annual Art & Accessories Bazaar and gawked at some truly excellent works of art!

Firstly, image and style consultant, Marisol Gomez, welcomed us.  She offered her services and gave us a color analysis on what palettes complement our skin types.  What a revelation!! I was surprised to learn that the colors that best suit me are burnt colors, especially coral.  Well I better do some smart shopping now!!

Later, we walked around and discovered amazing jewelry and art displayed all around the boutique.  The fantastic art exposition was from artists Isa Zapata, Cristina Boter, Jamie Gershen and Rosaura Perez.  The jewelry designers were Citrine by the Stones, Mishky, Crish, Silvana Danies, Equinoccio + Equinoccio, Lola James, Strada di Gioia, Jenny Salinas, Astrid Poletti and Katch.

With mother’s day just around the corner, why don’t check out this amazing Bazaar and maybe find that special something for the main woman in your life!

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Mandrake PR was asked to represent a very talented and young designer. Warning: his style is very different; if you are in the search accessories with a showstopper attitude, Marl Vilaro accessories is just right for you.  Craftsmanship with passion.  Allured in a second. For Marl Vilaro, a young designer from Barranquilla, Colombia, inspiration comes out of nowhere, as a celestial touch from the unknown.  It feeds his creativity and maneuvers his hands and fingers into one of kind items that speak volumes of his outlook on life.  So let him bewitch you.

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Leyla De La Espriella is the bubbly personality missing in the Mandrake Public Relations equation.  Her free-spirit character and business-like personality have reached the perfect nirvana as she has effectively balanced fun and business together.

Leyla De La Espriella

After graduating with a Management and International Business degree, she successfully found her niche as she managed national and local companies for the last couple of years.

Now, Leyla is able to mix two of her favorite subjects: fashion and business, and with her ability to whip out business strategies while sharing a contagious smile, Leyla is the business wiz that makes Mandrake Public Relations such a business success.  Just one word of advice, don’t let that killer smile and quiet facade fool you!

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It wouldn’t be considered a real “Miami” experience if Miami International Fashion Week had ignored the value that the Latin community brings to the fashion world.  On the second day of Miami’s Fashion Week it was dedicated to showcase the magic of Latin fashion, presented by none other than the esteemed Latin American Fashion Week Council featuring Andres Vieira and Antonia Saenz from Colombia, Alexandra Donoso and Silvia Zeas from Ecuador.  Here are some images of the wonders seen that night.

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March 17, 2010 (Miami, Florida) – Exotic pieces filled with free-spirited touches make Silvana Danies jewelry this year’s IT prerequisite for a fashionable summer.  Silvana, an established designer in San Francisco, CA has finally landed in sunny Florida with one objective in mind, introduce her collection of earthy jewelry.  After successfully creating original and one-of-a-kind pieces in California, she knew it was time to spread her wings and reach out to the Eastern Coast; and how lucky we are that she did!

Born in the coastal Caribbean city of Barranquilla. Colombia, Silvana believes in the beauty of raw materials and the fascination we have with their spiritual meaning.  With that in mind, she made sure that every single piece in her collection has intricate artifacts that are carefully crafted with precious gems and metals.  In addition to perfectly maneuvering different materials, and thanks to her psychology studies, Silvana is able to bring passion and psyche together to create pieces that not only are beautiful, but also have extra meaning.  This is what characterizes her pieces and makes them unique, her ability to blend significance along with elaborated designs.

Leather, gemstones, metals and sandalwood are Silvana’s instruments in creating designs that completely manifest that bohemian-chic look sought-out by many.  But it doesn’t end there, Silvana adds a special twist to her designs and includes rough edges in form of Tibetan Horns, skulls and Hamsa symbols.  They adorn many of her necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and bring variety in order to satisfy every taste and style.  “My objective is to transform natural elements into pieces that are inventive, individual and that embrace integrity,” says Silvana.

Silvana Danies creations share one key feature and that is respect for the natural elements, which makes her jewelry line transcend any periodical fashion trend, as it adds spiritual value to any outfit. Therefore, buying a Silvana Danies piece comes with a very special perk, eternal fashion.

For more information contact Paola De Castro at 786-218-5540 or via email at paola@mandrakepr.com.

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Que maravilla! Que alegría el haber podido experimentar la edición de Miami Fashion 2010.  Con tanto talento en un mismo espacio, es difícil ignorar la energía que se transmite por el aire.  Mandrake Relaciones Públicas estuvo en el centro de toda la conmoción y fue testigo, en vivo, de la belleza de los diseños de Silvia Tcherassi.  Estuvimos fascinado por sus creaciones que hacen parte de su colección Otoño 2010; en la cual cada articulo de moda comparte un mismo denominativo muy importante, la feminidad, un ingrediente muy propio de Silvia Tcherassi.

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