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What is it about wearing shinny, blinged-out shoes? Is it a Cinderella Complex? Lately we are seeing this trend take over season after season.  This trend has been able to transcend through the gloom of dark hues of Fall and the outspoken colors of Summer; and the shinier the better.

Christian Louboutin's Shiny Alti Spikes - $105.00

The look does make any outfit, brighter, no pun intended. It has that magic touch of adding some sultry and elegance to a casual assembles at the same time, it relaxes a too preppy look.

In addition, the contrast it does to your leg is divine. It gives a false tan look when used with short skirts, and the right peak-a-boo look when used with long trousers.  The variety of prices and quality may satisfy even the pickiest of tastes, but we are in love with the one Target has now available.

Target Pumps - $29.99

Maybe is the idea of the fairytale coming true and having those crystal covered shoes at our feet, lets just hope a charming prince comes with them as well.

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With summer sending already his “Save the Date” notices, it’s time to dazzle with colors that characterizes this season’s look. Bright and vivid colors not only complement every skin tone, but they provide fresh options.

Luna By Josandra

Dressing up in different versions of blue, like this imperial blue dress by Luna by Josandra is a great starting point.The silky light and fresh fabric gives it versatility and a sleek simplicity. You can wear it during the week at the office, at night paired with great accessories or while enjoying your long awaited weekend.

Coral is another color that has become very popular

Vanessa Bruno Jacket

this summer. We can now get a glimpse of it in jackets, which usually come in somber dark colors. There are no longer excuses to be boring while at work. Those boxy jackets and blazers we normally wear at the office have now transformed into fresh and modern key fashion pieces that come in all ranges of bright colors. They definitely bring a well-deserved fresh and modern look to the office.

Now, if you are afraid of change, start with baby steps, and implement these summer colors in small and inexpensive items as earrings or sunglasses. This gives you the opportunity to play with the color before making a big investment that sets you in a permanent commitment.

Also, accessories are dazzling as well in different shades of colorful coral, fuchsia and yellow. Necklaces in a variety of stones in bright colors are also the rage this summer. Those with intricate combinations of materials such as cloth, leather, gold, rope and bling bling, make a clever mixture, which gives your outfit a very Bollywood look.With a necklace like this paired with a classic outfit you will certainly attract some attention.

There are also other ways we can take advantage of color this summer. Not only our clothes should be lucky to seize the attention and show off bright color hues. Nixon Now is offering accessories in colors like fuchsia and blue in some of its products. These headphones for example, not only look good but they also sound great. Made with a lightweight material as nylon and silicone, they make “The” excellent colorful accessory. Also consider modern notebooks; there is no reason why we should ignore these everyday tools we use for college or at the office.

So dazzle this summer with these ideas and we promise, you will make even the sun jealous of your shine.

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As we continue to take advantage of Miami Spice, we had a chance to visit Michy’s Restaurant.  Located in the slowly renovated Biscayne Boulevard, which little by little is offering the public, a great selection of fine dining.

Friday night came and we waited to be seated, as Michy’s was packed and rolling!  We took this chance to check out Michy’s unique décor and first thing that came to my mind was, vintage 80’s.  Color selection, wall mirrors and furniture, and honestly we were kind of worried that we had made the wrong decision.  Is good for once in a while to admit you are wrong.  We had a lovely dinner in the outside patio and from start to finish we were amazed. Starting with a great selection of Cava, we moved to our first course, which included a surprisingly delicious Chilled Corn and Crab Soup. Oh My, Oh My! Then we followed with the Salmon Poached in Lemon Olive Oil.  Perfect combination of a lemony and herb taste with Farro (a food product consisting of grains of certain wheat species) and summer vegetables.  Very nice and smooth dish.  And to end, we tried the Plum Cake with pecan crème Fraiche.  Can’t complain, great night and belly full.

Salmon Poached Main Course

Michy’s Miami Spice menu is offered Tuesdays through Friday and Sundays for dinner.

Patiently Waiting for Dinner

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Excited as samples of both Miami Baby! and Bijoux Beach finally arrive at our showroom.  Energies were high and we were ready to work hard during the following four days.  But first, goodie bags!! We had great gifts to give out, thanks to our friends from Uni K Wax, Planet Beach Tanning Salons and Just Breathe Yoga Studio!

It was a very long night but had a great time.  SwimShow Mandrake PR is in the House!

Goodie Bags

Miami Baby! and Bijoux Beach Arrival

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And they are bringing some goodies with them!  Mandrake is so happy to announce that Bijoux Beach, a women’s couture-focused and sophisticated beachwear line, is now part of our select group of talents. We are set for the challenging task of introducing this London-based line to Miami locals and key fashion connoisseurs during the Miami SwimShow 2011.

Bijoux Beach has set its eyes on a new market and has jumped over the pond to the U.S.   The Mandrake Girls are set to bring out all their tricks to position Bijoux Beach, as the premier swimwear brand within their respective market of women’s high-end fashion.  Its distinctive glamour yacht – living style, developed with luxurious fabrics and hand-made finished crystal embellishments, will be appreciated by every woman’s inner sophisticated socialite, who craves only the finest things in life!

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