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As much as I love fashion, I am far from being a designer, but thankfully I found this great site where I can try my hopes in expressing my love for fashion and actually creating something wearable.  Shoesofprey.com offers user-friendly options that make it easier for people to custom their flats, heels and even booties.  With prices ranging from $180 – $330 and countless combinations, you will feel like a designer with one of a kind pair of shoes, designed exclusively by you, for you! Enjoy and happy ventures.

Easy to Follow Steps


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Summer is here and its time for the brights to come out! Neon Yellow, Hot Pink, Lime Green, we do not discriminate.    Hues like these are great ways to wake up your outfits and make a notice-me statement. We suggest to go wild find essential accessories in hot colors, or selectively pick one piece of your wardrobe.  My latest goodie are these bright hot pink Hilser flats from Aldo, which I have noticed they compliment every single thing in my closet and always helps me grab the attention of my peers.

Hilser Aldo Shoes – ON SALE online now $34.98!!!

But there are many options to choose from,  the fun is smartly pairing them with regular outfits and surprise with unexpected details.

Xhilaration® Yellow/Green Neon Patent Canvas Clutch – $19.99

Lets go fancy with this patent leather loafers by Matt Bernson – $169

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Gold high pumps are so back on!! I can’t remember when was the last time they were popular, but lately this gold accessory is taking over night and day fashion. With jeans, dressed up or with a casual day dress, they always seem to make a bold and feminine statement, which definitely are worth investing.  I cant quite figure out what is it that caught my eye, but their mature and classic look but still soft and young, add a special touch that complements any outfit.

I found these great and multifunctional ones from lulus.com for only $30; Gold never looses its value, lets see if this is right always.

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What is it about wearing shinny, blinged-out shoes? Is it a Cinderella Complex? Lately we are seeing this trend take over season after season.  This trend has been able to transcend through the gloom of dark hues of Fall and the outspoken colors of Summer; and the shinier the better.

Christian Louboutin's Shiny Alti Spikes - $105.00

The look does make any outfit, brighter, no pun intended. It has that magic touch of adding some sultry and elegance to a casual assembles at the same time, it relaxes a too preppy look.

In addition, the contrast it does to your leg is divine. It gives a false tan look when used with short skirts, and the right peak-a-boo look when used with long trousers.  The variety of prices and quality may satisfy even the pickiest of tastes, but we are in love with the one Target has now available.

Target Pumps - $29.99

Maybe is the idea of the fairytale coming true and having those crystal covered shoes at our feet, lets just hope a charming prince comes with them as well.

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I am the first one to complain about how uncomfortable high heels are, but subsequently, I will be the first to say how fundamental they are to any great outfit.

Luckily I found some practical and inexpensive items that will make any shoe, even the 5 inch ones, comfortable and walk-able.


Insolia High Heels Inserts helps reduce archy feet and provides a nice cushion - $19.95

I was able to try the Foot Petals Heavenly Blizz during a friend’s wedding where dancing and standing was a requirement, and thankfully I was able to wake up the following day without any knee or arch pains. 

Avoid sliding with this Foot Petals heavenly Heelz - $6.95

But the great ace up my sleeve was Dr. Scholls Fast Flats, a practical alternative to shoe wear which can be stashed easily inside the smallest clutch. So girls, take advantage of these comfortable options available and have fun enjoying the nightlife in sky high heels.

The Ace Under My Sleeve. Slip them on right the moment you feel you can walk any more - $16.98

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Ladies who thrive on out-of-the-box style, this one is for you!

The Colombian duo Andrea Vargas-Dieppa and Elisa Restrepo are the fashion visionaries responsible for the elegant yet casual unisex footwear known as Dieppa Restrepo.

Their signature designs are full of unique additions to the classical tuxedo-style worn by Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other icons of the past.  With more than 15 colors ranging from salmon pink to electric purple and multiple leather combinations, Dieppa Restrepo has transformed menswear into a fashion staple for the color-friendly, urban woman; clearly not for the shy at heart!

Two Colombian natives, Andrea from Barranquilla and Elisa from Medellin, were by fate united in New York by one shared dream.  The two then set out to launch their gentlemen-inspired footwear collection in May 2008.

The unique style of the line stems from each of the girls entrance into the fashion world.  Andrea, a former graphic designer, had her start as an art director for Lloyd & Co., while Elisa recalls the boldness of Parisian fashion as her inspiration.

And ladies, let’s be clear about one thing, we are not talking about any ordinary shoe; Dieppa Restrepo illustrates bohemian chic, with just the right touch of contemporary-urban style, perfect for the fashion iconoclast of today.  And did we mention there are no high heels involved?

Dieppa Restrepo is a walking contradiction… no pun intended. Playful custom lace-up options in classic patent leather shoes.  Timeless but fresh, cozy with a no-nonsense attitude.  The perfect combination for your office attire but chic enough to wear them with a short skirt; manly enough to show who wears the pants, but graceful enough to do it with style.

And we are pretty sure the Rat Pack would have enjoyed some color in their ensemble!

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We wonder how or when did recycling old items became so fashionable? Surprisingly, you get to think that it is actually normal to spend a small fortune in a piece of clothing, a handbag or even shoes that were used by several other individuals before you!  The older, more raggedy and worn out, the better!  Unbelievable but so true.  That is the magic about fashion, the beauty of the unexpected.  Vintage has introduced itself in the fashion world and revolutionized the concept that new is not always better.

Chloe Sevigny and Sienna Miller

Take a look at our fashion muses, Vintage Queens Chloë Sevigny and Sienna Miller.  They are the experts in selecting vintage, one of kind items and mixing them with modern day-to-day basics.

Your grandma’s cocktail dress, Aunty Annie’s 60’s hard wear belt or your Mom’s go-go boots….well just forget about those go-go boots, and mix and match them with a basic LBD or a classic white tank top and jeans, and voila! Fashion magic at its best.  So, go around, search for that special vintage piece that will set you apart from the rest and explore different options, because remember, timeless is for ever.

For great finds and Mandrake PR’s fave vintage store in Miami check out  C. Madeleine.

The Ultimate Vintage Find

Hermes, Timeless Classic

Great Finds at any Vintage Store

Old with the New: The Mix and Match Game

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