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During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami, I had the honor and pleasure of working with Trendy Studios for the production of Agua Bendita’s Fashion Show.

The electricity, the good one, was perceived instantly from corner to corner the moment you entered the white tent encapsulating the white runway for Agua Bendita’s 2013 collection. Mandrake was able to work backstage prepping video and camera for the show, and we had a glimpse of what is to come in 2013 from this bohemian chic swimwear brand.  With a delightful meeting, followed by an insight interview with Mariana Hinestroza, one of the two designers behind the creative bikini and accessory line, I had the inside scoop of what inspired this new collection, and a first look at the their fashion show lineup.   

The collection has prominent Native American/Wild West motif with a twist of metals and blinding brights. “We wanted to showcases the effort, work and honor natives have in their work and struggle for existence.” stated Hinestroza. And I might add, it is quite sexy and fun.

It quickly transformed into a navy and military concept, featuring 1940’s style pinups, shiny army insignias, feminine pink anchors and retro military propagandas images.  Genius!  Masculine, but pretty; Retro but modern.

After the prep, hair and make up, the music went blasting and the catwalk was blinded by international flashes capturing images for mayor press entities who were delighted by this Colombian fashion line.

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What a Lovely Dinner

Lido Restaurant is located in Miami Beach at The Standard Hotel. Two words describe Lido’s food: healthy and yummy.  It’s the perfect clash between delicious and wholesome natural food.  Executive Chef Mark Zeitouni has provided an extra hint of care and emphasis into every single dish as they all share high quality organic meats/fish, unprocessed foods and biodynamic wines.  The Mediterranean culture flourishes all through the restaurant as its typical cooking philosophy and décor swiftly makes its presence.  The Greeks and Turks would simply feel cheated!

During my lovely visit I tried the “Living Lasagna” Raw Vegetable Terrine.  I would never try anything that had the words “Living” and “Raw” in the same sentence, but good think I did. Delicious.  Highly recommended and we are pretty sure you will agree.

Lido Restaurant at The Standard Spa Hotel: 40 Island Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

The Miami Spice is offering a dinner menu all through the week, so give Lido Restaurant a try!

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