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I was just perplexed by the stunning bags of Deesigns’.  Dee Ocleppo brings a fun and easy way, for us girls to save money, with luxe handbags that come with multiple interchangeable covers.

The covers – all made from exquisite leather, fun prints and wearable denims, that buttons onto the frames to offer dual options of styled bags.   My favorite is this sizzling Mustique, a metallic version that is fun on one side – with a cameo print – and gunmetal on the reverse. Sexy and fun in just one bag!

Mustique – by Deesigns’ @ $139.90

Many might not know, but this super versatile bag designer is Tommy Hilfiger’s wife and is vamping a storm with her unique bags all over HSN; where you can buy online one of her elegant frames, as well as countless of reversible covers.

My future purchase is the fabulous Monaco, a fine leather tote with a delish mahogany frame, with an office friendly reverse cover.  I can simply use the lighter version for work and after 6pm, with a quick switch, I have a different leather tote for happy hour. What a convenient and fantastic idea.  Check her bags today at HSN.com.

Monaco Tote by Deesigns’ @ $159.90


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So, is it called work when you do what you love? Our experience has been that business and pleasure does mix! And with that in mind, I would like to let everyone know that Mandrake will be soon offering its services in the creation of a revolutionary and out of the box new fashion magazine.

MODA Fashion Magazine is an international fashion and lifestyle magazine with news from acclaimed correspondents in more than 10 key cities worldwide, so you will definitely be able to get an international point of view. It will provide a comprehensive, informed and truly international coverage cutting edge style of the contemporary fashion industry.

Moda Fashion Magazine First Issue

So as mentioned, we were asked to cover a segment on its first issue, and we will do with great delight and honor, as we find pleasure in doing well our work. Its first issue is planned to launch in June 2011 and it will flourish with fashion, fashion and fashion. Mmmm our favorite subject.

As that wasn’t enough MODA Fashion Magazine will be officially releasing its online site today, and is inviting the public to Kitchen 305, where everyone will have a chance to experience, first hand, all the goodies this magazine has to offer.  

When: April 15th, 2011

Time: 10:00pm

Where: KITCHEN 305, 16701 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles, FL

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Miami Fashion Week o Semana de la Moda de Miami refresco el espíritu de la moda en el sur de la Florida durante el mes de Marzo. La Semana de La Moda lleno las calles de Miami Beach con diseñadores de todo el mundo, bajo el reconocido Miami Beach Convention Center. Y sin duda, ofreció a su audiencia toda la emoción y deleite con las ultimas innovaciones y creaciones para el ano 2011

Este año, su tema principal fue sobre transformación y un nuevo comienzo, razón suficiente para un cambio de nombre. El titulo original de Miami Fashion Week oficialmente ha incluido dos adiciones, “Beach” e “Internationall” en su título, creando ahora un nuevo nombre publico: Semana de la Moda Internacional de Miami Beach (“Miami Beach International Fashion Week“).Durante el Jueves, 3 de marzo, diseñadores, como Art of Shade, exhibieron sus tendencias en la pasarela la cual se dedico explicadamente en mostrar el estilo característico de Miami. Con un estilo moderno, casi futurístico, Art Shade no fallo en deslumbrar los invitados de la noche con su estilo vanguardista y único. El toque “Internacional” entro en consideración el Viernes, 4 de marzo con una pasarela de diseñadores provenientes de Jamaica, como Ayanna Dixon, quien trajo una buena dosis de color. Proveniente de Jamaica, Avayanna trajo su estilo único y rejuvenecedor con la técnica de “Color Block”.

Aca hay unas cuantas imagenes para que se deleiten.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Great news, everybody, Mandrake PR has just partnered with Fashion Connect Studio.

About Fashion Connect Studio

Fashion Connect Studio is a combination of 4 fabulous fashion companies dedicated to connect the fashion world.  They walk with you through the fashion world, to guide and help the talent get the best out of each opportunity.  It presently holds fashion headquarters in Miami, New York, Colombia, Caracas, Madrid and Dubai.

This partnership promises to bring good times and produce many original and unique fashion experiences.  Miami, Florida get ready for alternative Fashion Trunk Shows, Runway Pizzazz, and most of all, new and original designers to learn about.

We will be producing new sources for emerging designers to express their creative designs and have the opportunity to exhibit them to the public.  So just hold and be ready for what is coming, because we know you are going to love it.

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It is here, the Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion.  October 14th, 2010 will be a breakthrough, as this one-of-a-kind event will launch and open new boundaries for many Hispanic products in the American market.  It all will start with a pink carpet, in support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, many Hispanic celebrities will be walking and shinning as the flashing lights of the cameras capture the official launch of this event, which is to become, an annual sensation for years to come!

With global sponsors as Suave Professionals and Taca Airlines and under the production of Fashion Box Studio, this will be a forum where the latest innovations in the areas of fashion, beauty and hair will come together under one roof.    The Viceroy Spa in the Icon Brickell will be the staging for if first version where celebrities from the Hispanic community will walk down the catwalk with the latest fashion trends for this fall.

Stay tuned for our experience during this event.

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Vocess” Fashion, Art & Music” Magazine will be hosting an event featuring an exclusive luxury lifestyle display of the New Ducati Mutistrada 1200 , VIP Sunset Yacht Photo shoot, artist performance and a Fashion showcase which will include our wonderful clients: Bijoux Beach, Miami Baby! and Silvana Danies Jewelry.

Vocess Magazine covers the hottest fashions, emerging artists, and the freshest music. This exclusive event will include a 3 day weekend of Fashion events starting on Friday, August 27th through the 29th. Bijoux Beach will run the catwalk on Saturday night, during the Couture Swimwear showcase, while Miami Baby! will be strolling its stuff on Sunday.

We invite all of our followers as well as all fashion lovers to pass by and have some fun during this event.  For more information  please email us at rsvp@mandrakepr.com.

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Excited as samples of both Miami Baby! and Bijoux Beach finally arrive at our showroom.  Energies were high and we were ready to work hard during the following four days.  But first, goodie bags!! We had great gifts to give out, thanks to our friends from Uni K Wax, Planet Beach Tanning Salons and Just Breathe Yoga Studio!

It was a very long night but had a great time.  SwimShow Mandrake PR is in the House!

Goodie Bags

Miami Baby! and Bijoux Beach Arrival

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