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Mandrake Public Relations was yet again present for round three at the Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion which took place at the always elegant Spa at the Viceroy, this past November 8th.  On its 3rd edition, there was more fashion, more celebrities and more beauty.

Miami Hair, Beauty and Fashion by Rocco Donna

Mandrake had the honor of being in the  middle of everything, handling the Celebrity Suite, where we met many Latin celebrities and were able to chat with them while they got ready for the pink carpet and the fabulous runway.

The behind the scenes was out of this world, as hair and makeup prep was like playing musical chairs while the Spa at the Viceroy filled up with more than 450 people, awaiting the night’s one of kind show.  Known as the event to showcase the latest hairstyles, makeup looks and clothing design, this VIP party was one not to miss, and this year it didn’t fall short to the hype of past years.

Personalities as Marisa Del Portillo, Sonya Smith and Karent Sierra, were a few of the guests invited this year to walk down the runway wearing unique designs from hip urban/chic Ixoye by Rosita Hurtado, full of one of my favorite painters of all times, Frida Khalo.  And designer Miguel Angel MasJuan who couldn’t get any elegant, with his gowns full of colors that exuded style and classic sophistication. How will Rocco Donna surpass this year’s success in 2013? We will have to wait and see…

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The Location:

The Water Spa at the Viceroy was stunning, surrounded by Velati Candles that provided a very special touch.  The venue was divided into three different levels: first level had two glass suites that offered the “Backstage” experience of hair and make-up.   Suave Professionals ® and Babyliss PRO in conjunction with the amazing team from Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art, were in the house making everyone look beautiful.  On the second level, we had the main space, with pools delicately spread around the “floating library” that included the Fashion Lounge.  And finally, the third level had a  unique full bar that provided guests with a wide variety of exciting concoctions. 

The Water Spa at the Viceroy

The Entertainment:

The show started with a magical fashion show filled with Hispanic celebrities that “floated” over the various pools showing the latest trends for fall, styled by Irma Martinez and her team from Trendy Inc. The night was hosted by Telemundo’s very own Candela Ferro and Univision TV personality, Poncho de Anda. 

The Hair, The Beauty and The Fashion

Innovating technologies for hair and beauty were presented during the night.  Babyliss PRO showcased their professional lines of luxury hair dryers and superior professional styling tools, including dryers, straight­eners, curling irons, trimmers, and clippers.  DECLÉOR shared its fantastic serums and balms made from 100% natural, pure, active and preservative-free Essential Oil blends which pampered everyone just before getting  styled.  BECCA added its range of luxurious line of make-up products and collection of the finest brushes to give all of the guests the finishing touches for a sensational look.  And for the grand finale, the outfits shown during the night’s fashion show were thanks to the Aventura Mall, who provided looks fresh out of the runway for everyone to enjoy during Miami Hair, Beauty and Fashion 2010.

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Let the Magic Begin

Miami, say hello to your new friend, Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion.  Today is the most anticipated and awaited launch of this one-of-a-kind event and we will be there in the middle of the Pink Carpet. 

We are sorting out last minute key points of the night:

  • VIP celebrities – Check
  • Great global sponsors – Check
  • Fashion Box Studio production company – Check
  • Celebrity Stylist, Leonardo Rocco with his Stylish Sidekicks from Rocco Donna
  • Hair & Beauty Art, ready for some beauty magic – Check
  • Water Spa at the Viceroy elegant setting – Check
  • The LineUp – Check
  • Morena Restaurant delicious appetizers – Check
  • and so much more…… check, check, check

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And now we turn our attention to the talented individuals that will also walk down the catwalk, the gentlemen.  Here is the impressive LineUp of Gents that will be modeling the latest fashion trends for fall, selected by Colombian stylist and image-maker, Irma Martinez.  The crowd couldn’t be disappointed and to be fair, the Hispanic male community had to be well represented during Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion first magnificent night.

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Very excited as months become weeks, weeks become days, and finally just a few hours are left for Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion’s 2010 launch.  Now we have the final LineUp of talents that will be walking down the pink carpet.   Behold, the Ladies of the Night who will not only be attending the event as guests, but will actually walk down the catwalk wearing the latest fashion trends for fall.

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It is here, the Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion.  October 14th, 2010 will be a breakthrough, as this one-of-a-kind event will launch and open new boundaries for many Hispanic products in the American market.  It all will start with a pink carpet, in support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, many Hispanic celebrities will be walking and shinning as the flashing lights of the cameras capture the official launch of this event, which is to become, an annual sensation for years to come!

With global sponsors as Suave Professionals and Taca Airlines and under the production of Fashion Box Studio, this will be a forum where the latest innovations in the areas of fashion, beauty and hair will come together under one roof.    The Viceroy Spa in the Icon Brickell will be the staging for if first version where celebrities from the Hispanic community will walk down the catwalk with the latest fashion trends for this fall.

Stay tuned for our experience during this event.

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Currently, fashion has made a total overhaul and given an overall transfusion to those items that made style in the past, so stylish.  Lets bring forth Exhibit A, the magic of tights A/K/A panty hoses — yes that name makes everyone cringe – but lately, little by little tights have taken over fashion and have become a vital accessory to any outfit. Panty hoses became fashionable as they were introduced in the 1960s to provide a convenient alternative to stockings.  Now tights come in so many colors and forms: neon, graphics, lace, leather, metallic, they are so incredibly chic and they perform their role to perfection.  I guess granny is not old-fashioned anymore.

Now lets focus on Exhibit B, headbands and barrettes.  Besides Gossip Girl, these accessories were only stylish back in the days, mainly in private schools, where girls were obligated to use them in order to keep their hair away from their faces.  At the present time, hair accessories of the best caliber will easily sale for amounts as high as $400! They are so cute that simply it is worth the splurge.

And finally Exhibit C, brooches, yes those little “clip ons” that really had no real purpose but signified heritage and class.  This decorative jewel dates back to the Romans, Greeks and research has even found some as late as the 800 A.D! Today, brooches are used as a way to express your style and creativity.

So look around, do you see any fashion revivals?

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