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The Miami Hair, Beauty and Fashion Show is back for its sophomore year, and it is bigger and better!  The night is all about discovering the latest trends and celebrating everything that is fabulous.  With its renowned pink carpet, already set at the always chic Viceroy Miami Hotel to welcome countless local and international celebrities who will strut their fresh off the runway designs, it will surely fascinate the crowd.  Media from all over the country, and more, will be on site to grasp the magic of this one-of-a-kind event, which took last year the city by storm, and hopes to do the same this year. 

And with new global sponsors adding to its impressive list of supporters as Avianca, Enzo Milano and Mercedes Benz,  it will definitely be again, an event to remember. For more information please visit: www.miamihairbeautyandfashion.com


Hotel Viceroy Miami

485 Brickell Avenue.

Miami Fl 33131

DATE: Thursday, October 27th, 2011

TIME: 6:00pm-12:00am


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As yours truly, is currently in the process of creating the wedding of her dreams…. on a budget, I would like to take the opportunity to use this blog to give you my very own experience of being the It Bridal Girl on the Budget.

Spring and summer are the best seasons for weddings as the color sequences and flower selections are very provocative. But for me, there is nothing like fall.  That is why I am calculating and coordinating everything to be set for that special chilly season.  The colors are just perfect with my personality and the weather outside is comforting.  But besides selecting the time for this great occasion, there are many other things to consider.

Be ready to go to war, for your dress

So our first step is selecting the dress, and we will be experiencing this year’s Running of the Brides and giving a very onsite view of what it is to literally, fight for the perfect wedding dress. Tomorrow, Filene’s Basement’s famous “Running of the Brides” will take over Aventura, Florida and provide desperate brides- myself included- the chance to walk down the aisle in a Monique Lhuillier design.  If you are in the area of North Miami, and possibly have cravings to buy a wedding dress, please take the time visit Filene’s Basement’s.  Just some quick tips to make your success probability higher:

  1. Recruit your team and assign jobs;
  2. Create a team unity by wearing something matching, this helps when you are screaming for dear life, because Team Muffin Top just stole your 50% off Vera Wang dress;
  3. Use images as ways to successfully direct your team to the right style;
  4. Dress smart. Wear tights and a sports bra, this makes everything so easy; and
  5. Be there early. Hey, if your soon-to-be-husband camped outside Best Buy for Black Friday, then it should be considered normal to do the same, for your wedding dress. So be there way before doors open at 8:00am.

So, we will be checking in tomorrow with videos and images after we have assessed our winnings and have in our hands that magical dress we have all dreamed about, just 50% less.

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Miami Fashion Week o Semana de la Moda de Miami refresco el espíritu de la moda en el sur de la Florida durante el mes de Marzo. La Semana de La Moda lleno las calles de Miami Beach con diseñadores de todo el mundo, bajo el reconocido Miami Beach Convention Center. Y sin duda, ofreció a su audiencia toda la emoción y deleite con las ultimas innovaciones y creaciones para el ano 2011

Este año, su tema principal fue sobre transformación y un nuevo comienzo, razón suficiente para un cambio de nombre. El titulo original de Miami Fashion Week oficialmente ha incluido dos adiciones, “Beach” e “Internationall” en su título, creando ahora un nuevo nombre publico: Semana de la Moda Internacional de Miami Beach (“Miami Beach International Fashion Week“).Durante el Jueves, 3 de marzo, diseñadores, como Art of Shade, exhibieron sus tendencias en la pasarela la cual se dedico explicadamente en mostrar el estilo característico de Miami. Con un estilo moderno, casi futurístico, Art Shade no fallo en deslumbrar los invitados de la noche con su estilo vanguardista y único. El toque “Internacional” entro en consideración el Viernes, 4 de marzo con una pasarela de diseñadores provenientes de Jamaica, como Ayanna Dixon, quien trajo una buena dosis de color. Proveniente de Jamaica, Avayanna trajo su estilo único y rejuvenecedor con la técnica de “Color Block”.

Aca hay unas cuantas imagenes para que se deleiten.

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Great news, everybody, Mandrake PR has just partnered with Fashion Connect Studio.

About Fashion Connect Studio

Fashion Connect Studio is a combination of 4 fabulous fashion companies dedicated to connect the fashion world.  They walk with you through the fashion world, to guide and help the talent get the best out of each opportunity.  It presently holds fashion headquarters in Miami, New York, Colombia, Caracas, Madrid and Dubai.

This partnership promises to bring good times and produce many original and unique fashion experiences.  Miami, Florida get ready for alternative Fashion Trunk Shows, Runway Pizzazz, and most of all, new and original designers to learn about.

We will be producing new sources for emerging designers to express their creative designs and have the opportunity to exhibit them to the public.  So just hold and be ready for what is coming, because we know you are going to love it.

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Turning a bad situation into a good one was our “lesson learned” last summer.  After having a negative experience with a client, we were able to successfully end the year, with the gratification of having the opportunity of meeting new and talented individuals in the fashion industry.

We first met Danielle Wilson from all the way in Dubai. Danielle runs a successful fashion PR firm, CS PR Group, where she represents a diverse group of clients and boutiques.  How wonderful it is to have the chance to meet someone from a far distance, who normally we wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet.  It was interesting to exchange ideas and experiences in the same subject, with different perspectives.  She is such a lovely and vivacious individual with a keen eye for fashion.

SwimShow 2011

We then met Gideon Thomas, a young, creative and talented photographer from London.  His images wonderfully decorated the entire booth during the Swimshow.  His images reflect a passion and eloquence that only he can express. 

And finally, designer Sarah Lown.  With her few years of experience and a recent graduate from Central Saint Martin in London, she has outdone herself by designing beachwear pieces.  Her work can be seen in some of the designs in Bijoux Beach and Miami Baby!

So the purpose of this post is to let others know that at the moment, you might think a bad or negative moment has only that purpose, but it actually can be turned into a positive and constructive one.   One that could enrich your experiences and bring new encounters.

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As mentioned, Abnormal Ariginals walked down the runway this past Saturday, December 4th in the fabulous LUX South Beach. Centrally located in Washington Avenue, surrounded by so many clubs, shops and boutiques, LUX was the perfect venue to showcase the unique personality of the Abnormal Ariginal fan.

The show started at 8:00pm on the dot and Abnormal Ariginals designer t-shirts opened the night. The models came down the stairs wearing colorful hair and makeup creations, an addition so well suited to collaborate with the enigmatic night. The crowd’s response only confirmed that Abnormal Ariginals are without a doubt, leaving a solid mark in the fashion world. Enjoy the images.

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