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This fall, fashion brings forward earthy colors and bold prints that offer style lovers new alternatives.  Native American influences for years have constantly maintained its presence in the fashion arena. Today is no exception.  From ankle fringe boots, to feather brass necklaces, it fun and unique fashion statement pieces are still fall fashion essentials.

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren - Beacon Crewneck Montana Khaki Jersey $298.00

American Indian patterns tend to stand out, so we suggest to try not to mix them with other busy prints.  Play them up by pairing a faux fur jacket or sweater with solid colored items.  Additionally, treat this trend with a vintage feel; therefore go for materials with a natural feel as suede.  Finally, forego any flashy add-ons as high heels, and preferably select flat boots or better yet, suede moccasins.

BB Dakota - Boswick $130.00

As for jewelry, items made up of silver, brass or gold materials with a hand-crafted feel, swiftly complements this southwestern style.  So have fun with it, but know your limits, if you look at the mirror and Pocahontas is staring back at you, you know you have crossed the line.

House of Harlow 1960 - Cut Out Mohawk $149.00


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Building a brand is easy to say but difficult to accomplish.  Mandrake Public Relations, as a full service public relations and marketing firm, has experienced the tenacity one has to possess in order to succeed in this market.  Creating new ventures and possibilities for unknown artists and designers bring many challenges as well as hard work, but the final outcome outweighs anything else.

Case in point, Marl Vilaro Accessories.  Little by little, this young accessories designer, together with Mandrake Public Relations, is creating a brand name in a distant country, one he has yet to visit.  But magically, his name makes way into this constant competitive bazaar of intricate creativity, where every day brings something new to the table.

Marl Vilaro Accessories has much to offer and is in his initial stages of having his official U.S. launch in the United States.  So stay tuned.

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