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Turning a bad situation into a good one was our “lesson learned” last summer.  After having a negative experience with a client, we were able to successfully end the year, with the gratification of having the opportunity of meeting new and talented individuals in the fashion industry.

We first met Danielle Wilson from all the way in Dubai. Danielle runs a successful fashion PR firm, CS PR Group, where she represents a diverse group of clients and boutiques.  How wonderful it is to have the chance to meet someone from a far distance, who normally we wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet.  It was interesting to exchange ideas and experiences in the same subject, with different perspectives.  She is such a lovely and vivacious individual with a keen eye for fashion.

SwimShow 2011

We then met Gideon Thomas, a young, creative and talented photographer from London.  His images wonderfully decorated the entire booth during the Swimshow.  His images reflect a passion and eloquence that only he can express. 

And finally, designer Sarah Lown.  With her few years of experience and a recent graduate from Central Saint Martin in London, she has outdone herself by designing beachwear pieces.  Her work can be seen in some of the designs in Bijoux Beach and Miami Baby!

So the purpose of this post is to let others know that at the moment, you might think a bad or negative moment has only that purpose, but it actually can be turned into a positive and constructive one.   One that could enrich your experiences and bring new encounters.


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Last night we surely enjoyed a wonderful night filled with fashion, friends and excellent people.  We gathered at Green Grass Boutique for their annual Art & Accessories Bazaar and gawked at some truly excellent works of art!

Firstly, image and style consultant, Marisol Gomez, welcomed us.  She offered her services and gave us a color analysis on what palettes complement our skin types.  What a revelation!! I was surprised to learn that the colors that best suit me are burnt colors, especially coral.  Well I better do some smart shopping now!!

Later, we walked around and discovered amazing jewelry and art displayed all around the boutique.  The fantastic art exposition was from artists Isa Zapata, Cristina Boter, Jamie Gershen and Rosaura Perez.  The jewelry designers were Citrine by the Stones, Mishky, Crish, Silvana Danies, Equinoccio + Equinoccio, Lola James, Strada di Gioia, Jenny Salinas, Astrid Poletti and Katch.

With mother’s day just around the corner, why don’t check out this amazing Bazaar and maybe find that special something for the main woman in your life!

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Leyla De La Espriella is the bubbly personality missing in the Mandrake Public Relations equation.  Her free-spirit character and business-like personality have reached the perfect nirvana as she has effectively balanced fun and business together.

Leyla De La Espriella

After graduating with a Management and International Business degree, she successfully found her niche as she managed national and local companies for the last couple of years.

Now, Leyla is able to mix two of her favorite subjects: fashion and business, and with her ability to whip out business strategies while sharing a contagious smile, Leyla is the business wiz that makes Mandrake Public Relations such a business success.  Just one word of advice, don’t let that killer smile and quiet facade fool you!

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As you may know: Mandrake Public Relations is made up of three members: Jenny Lewis, Paola De Castro and Leyla De La Espriella.  Here is a brief intro of each of its members. Lets start with Jenny Lewis.

Jenny Lewis in one word, Spicy!! Yes, that is the best way to describe this Pandora Box, who you will never know what you are going to find inside. Bohemian, intellectual and spiritual individual with an opinionated mind!

Jenny Lewis

Jenny has always been involved in the fashion industry as she opened her own fashion empire for the past couple of years and has succeeded immensely in it.  Being a trendsetter as she has brought her image and fashion sense to her hometown where she established herself in Colombia as an entrepreneur by creating Mellow Yellow Productions.

In addition to her love of fashion, she has cultivated a no nonsense sales experience that brings the valuable side of business negotiator to Mandrake PR and thanks to her the word “no” doesn’t exist in our dictionary.

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Y con la primavera llega el mágico efecto natural, conocido como el Equinoccio.  Y esta vez nos deleito a todos con su nueva colección en la cual todos fuimos testigos de su periodo de belleza y vida, durante su corta estadía en Green Grass Boutique. Esa noche, Equinoccio, la línea de moda de lujo, durante su exhibición Fashion Museum,  nos revelo su nueva colección.  Y Equinoccio, una línea de moda llena de espíritu y pasión, nos envolvio en ella y dejamos resplandecer su cualidad principal, el cosmo espiritual.

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It wouldn’t be considered a real “Miami” experience if Miami International Fashion Week had ignored the value that the Latin community brings to the fashion world.  On the second day of Miami’s Fashion Week it was dedicated to showcase the magic of Latin fashion, presented by none other than the esteemed Latin American Fashion Week Council featuring Andres Vieira and Antonia Saenz from Colombia, Alexandra Donoso and Silvia Zeas from Ecuador.  Here are some images of the wonders seen that night.

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As quickly as it came, Miami International Fashion week came and went, but left so much fashion, allure and our total respect for those ingenious minds whose creations walked down the runway.

Here is our recount of Day one, Opening Night (March 18, 2010) with a Miami Style Showcase, showing figures as Eduardo de las Casas, who brought out the crisp beauty of white craftsmanship in sophisticated but still chic white short dresses.  Romina Heighes and Claudiae, two of Miami Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers of the year displayed their signature Miamian styles.

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