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So as promised, here is our recount of what it was to outlive the famous “Running of the Brides” and I can say with total honesty…it wasn’t that bad.  Fortunate enough, we were some of the few lucky ones that actually walked out the doors carrying their trophy dress. 

Arriving at 5:30am, we were extra caffeinated than normally, and ready, wearing our home-made war uniform, with our team’s name “Royal Pains” on the front.  While waiting for 8am to roam around, we were actually entertained by several wedding vendors who offered their many services.  Also, we were fed with protein bars and milk shakes, dressed with t-shirts and provided comfy yoga mats, all courtesy of SlimFast.

Finally, it was time to get ready, and as the countdown came to 0, we found ourselves carrying rather heavy dresses and bumping into half naked brides.  With what we didn’t bump into, was with any designer dresses or anything remotely close to Vera Wang, but the prices did balance out the equation of having such a disappointment.  As two and a half hours passed by, I had selected 2 dresses that could resemble the Monique Lhuillier Fall 2011 dress I had my heart set on.  But as things unexpectedly happen in life, and while I was on my last walk through down the hall of left-over dresses, something caught my attention. And just then and there, I had found THE dress. It’s funny when things happened like that!

Please enjoy the images of our such a memorable experience.


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We wonder how or when did recycling old items became so fashionable? Surprisingly, you get to think that it is actually normal to spend a small fortune in a piece of clothing, a handbag or even shoes that were used by several other individuals before you!  The older, more raggedy and worn out, the better!  Unbelievable but so true.  That is the magic about fashion, the beauty of the unexpected.  Vintage has introduced itself in the fashion world and revolutionized the concept that new is not always better.

Chloe Sevigny and Sienna Miller

Take a look at our fashion muses, Vintage Queens Chloë Sevigny and Sienna Miller.  They are the experts in selecting vintage, one of kind items and mixing them with modern day-to-day basics.

Your grandma’s cocktail dress, Aunty Annie’s 60’s hard wear belt or your Mom’s go-go boots….well just forget about those go-go boots, and mix and match them with a basic LBD or a classic white tank top and jeans, and voila! Fashion magic at its best.  So, go around, search for that special vintage piece that will set you apart from the rest and explore different options, because remember, timeless is for ever.

For great finds and Mandrake PR’s fave vintage store in Miami check out  C. Madeleine.

The Ultimate Vintage Find

Hermes, Timeless Classic

Great Finds at any Vintage Store

Old with the New: The Mix and Match Game

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As quickly as it came, Miami International Fashion week came and went, but left so much fashion, allure and our total respect for those ingenious minds whose creations walked down the runway.

Here is our recount of Day one, Opening Night (March 18, 2010) with a Miami Style Showcase, showing figures as Eduardo de las Casas, who brought out the crisp beauty of white craftsmanship in sophisticated but still chic white short dresses.  Romina Heighes and Claudiae, two of Miami Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers of the year displayed their signature Miamian styles.

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