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I was just perplexed by the stunning bags of Deesigns’.  Dee Ocleppo brings a fun and easy way, for us girls to save money, with luxe handbags that come with multiple interchangeable covers.

The covers – all made from exquisite leather, fun prints and wearable denims, that buttons onto the frames to offer dual options of styled bags.   My favorite is this sizzling Mustique, a metallic version that is fun on one side – with a cameo print – and gunmetal on the reverse. Sexy and fun in just one bag!

Mustique – by Deesigns’ @ $139.90

Many might not know, but this super versatile bag designer is Tommy Hilfiger’s wife and is vamping a storm with her unique bags all over HSN; where you can buy online one of her elegant frames, as well as countless of reversible covers.

My future purchase is the fabulous Monaco, a fine leather tote with a delish mahogany frame, with an office friendly reverse cover.  I can simply use the lighter version for work and after 6pm, with a quick switch, I have a different leather tote for happy hour. What a convenient and fantastic idea.  Check her bags today at HSN.com.

Monaco Tote by Deesigns’ @ $159.90


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As much as I love fashion, I am far from being a designer, but thankfully I found this great site where I can try my hopes in expressing my love for fashion and actually creating something wearable.  Shoesofprey.com offers user-friendly options that make it easier for people to custom their flats, heels and even booties.  With prices ranging from $180 – $330 and countless combinations, you will feel like a designer with one of a kind pair of shoes, designed exclusively by you, for you! Enjoy and happy ventures.

Easy to Follow Steps

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Last week I bumped into one of a kind design by Tirana Jewelry, and was ecstatic as I found the perfect Earth Day jewelry piece. Tirana Jewelry items are made from oxidized recycled sterling silver and brass material.  The creator behind the brand, Graciela Fuentes, knows perfectly well how to balance old with new, as she plays with the mechanical and intricate details of vintage watches, keys and medals.  She creates necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and cufflings using parts she stumbles upon all around the world.   Her unique and edgy style of dismantling a jewelry item to create a totally different piece while using the same parts, works well with many styles that search vintage/classic fashion with an edge that separates them from the rest. As many pledge to do their part during Earth Day, we invite readers to analyze ways we can all help improve our earth and make it better and suitable for future generations. Happy Earth Day!

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Designer Ranjana Khan

Insanity, elegance and glitz are a few words to describe the great pieces I found by Ranjana Khan.  Being the seeker of great and original designs, I needed to look up more information about this designer, and wow, was I impressed.

To those that are still in the dark about Ranjana Khan, she was born in India and has lived for the past years between Paris and New York. Ranjana worked with top fashion messiahs as Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier and ultimately, introduced her own collection in Summer 2010, which has captivated many with her bold – yet elegant, style.

Check Availability @ ranjanakhan.com

Check Availability @ ranjanakhan.com

Her technique varies from embroidery to using acid and flame on her pieces in order to give them that worn and antique look that makes any piece desired. Ranjana’s pieces have already outshined the Gossip Girls on screen and they continue to keep peeking their shinny heads on major fashion literature as Vogue and Nylon Magazine.

Gossip Girl

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So as promised, here is our recount of what it was to outlive the famous “Running of the Brides” and I can say with total honesty…it wasn’t that bad.  Fortunate enough, we were some of the few lucky ones that actually walked out the doors carrying their trophy dress. 

Arriving at 5:30am, we were extra caffeinated than normally, and ready, wearing our home-made war uniform, with our team’s name “Royal Pains” on the front.  While waiting for 8am to roam around, we were actually entertained by several wedding vendors who offered their many services.  Also, we were fed with protein bars and milk shakes, dressed with t-shirts and provided comfy yoga mats, all courtesy of SlimFast.

Finally, it was time to get ready, and as the countdown came to 0, we found ourselves carrying rather heavy dresses and bumping into half naked brides.  With what we didn’t bump into, was with any designer dresses or anything remotely close to Vera Wang, but the prices did balance out the equation of having such a disappointment.  As two and a half hours passed by, I had selected 2 dresses that could resemble the Monique Lhuillier Fall 2011 dress I had my heart set on.  But as things unexpectedly happen in life, and while I was on my last walk through down the hall of left-over dresses, something caught my attention. And just then and there, I had found THE dress. It’s funny when things happened like that!

Please enjoy the images of our such a memorable experience.

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Mandrake Public Relations, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been retained by Abnormal Ariginals, a lifestyle brand of original designs. The line centers its efforts in showcasing creative and standout t-shirts that bring out the original factor that each individual possess.

Abnormal Ariginals has requested the services of Mandrake Public Relations to implement an on-going, proactive and effective campaign to ensure Abnormal Ariginals’ position in South Florida, as the go to, urban chic brand within their respective market. The firm will work to increase the brand’s media presence, by focusing on the brand’s distinctive outspoken and with no reservations designs.

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Being that we are huge fans of Harry Potter, and with its finale coming very soon in theaters, we wanted to center our attention in one of their main characters.

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, also known and Hermione Granger, rose to fame thanks to that little famous book, called Harry Potter.  Born on April 15 1990, Emma, an English actress and model, was selected to bring to life Hermione at the tender age of nine, and has continued casting spells on the past six Harry Potter films.  As we all know, she will return for the final two installments: the two parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on November 2010 and later on in July 2011.  

But leaving the Muggle girl and Hogwarts aside, Emma has grown into herself and immersed her full attention into the art of fashion stating “I’ve been focusing on art a lot, and fashion’s a great extension of that.”  She is currently studying Art at Brown University.

Major fashion houses as Burberry have been captivated by Ms. Watson and in 2009 Emma Watson became the face of their new campaign.  With Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection and later Spring/Summer 2010 under her belt,   she has become a major fashion power It Girl.

That not being enough, this little box of surprises became the Creative Advisor for People Tree, a Fair Trade fashion brand in 2009.  Emma described the Spring/Summer 2010 collection as “a filter of just the very basics, filled with cotton vests, easy T-shirt dresses, nice scarves to accessorize with and some lovely linen pieces. The clothes are very British, which is why we shot the campaign in an English country garden – it’s all very strawberries and cream and tennis.”  She will continue working in producing great clothes for People Tree, which she enjoys as it not only helps her explore her creative side but also it helps poverty by offering great market possibilities to many countries with little economic support. 

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