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The Miami Hair, Beauty and Fashion Show is back for its sophomore year, and it is bigger and better!  The night is all about discovering the latest trends and celebrating everything that is fabulous.  With its renowned pink carpet, already set at the always chic Viceroy Miami Hotel to welcome countless local and international celebrities who will strut their fresh off the runway designs, it will surely fascinate the crowd.  Media from all over the country, and more, will be on site to grasp the magic of this one-of-a-kind event, which took last year the city by storm, and hopes to do the same this year. 

And with new global sponsors adding to its impressive list of supporters as Avianca, Enzo Milano and Mercedes Benz,  it will definitely be again, an event to remember. For more information please visit: www.miamihairbeautyandfashion.com


Hotel Viceroy Miami

485 Brickell Avenue.

Miami Fl 33131

DATE: Thursday, October 27th, 2011

TIME: 6:00pm-12:00am


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Glamour Ghost

We invite all our readers to check out the  introduction of Costume Couture by Simon Doonan for Target.  New CHIC Halloween costumes that we know every It Girl would love.  Barneys New York Creative Director Simon Doonan’s unique style will be on display at exclusive Target stores starting September 19, 2010.  Let’s not forget the prices are unbeatable as they vary from $20 to$30 and everyone will have the chance to dress up! And when we say everyone, we mean everyone, including your four legged diva companion.

Spaguetti and Meatballs

Spaguetti and Meatballs

The party has not even started but what better way to really enjoy it than to be drop-dead gorgeous dressed up in a unique costume, designed by one major fashion genius!

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Currently, fashion has made a total overhaul and given an overall transfusion to those items that made style in the past, so stylish.  Lets bring forth Exhibit A, the magic of tights A/K/A panty hoses — yes that name makes everyone cringe – but lately, little by little tights have taken over fashion and have become a vital accessory to any outfit. Panty hoses became fashionable as they were introduced in the 1960s to provide a convenient alternative to stockings.  Now tights come in so many colors and forms: neon, graphics, lace, leather, metallic, they are so incredibly chic and they perform their role to perfection.  I guess granny is not old-fashioned anymore.

Now lets focus on Exhibit B, headbands and barrettes.  Besides Gossip Girl, these accessories were only stylish back in the days, mainly in private schools, where girls were obligated to use them in order to keep their hair away from their faces.  At the present time, hair accessories of the best caliber will easily sale for amounts as high as $400! They are so cute that simply it is worth the splurge.

And finally Exhibit C, brooches, yes those little “clip ons” that really had no real purpose but signified heritage and class.  This decorative jewel dates back to the Romans, Greeks and research has even found some as late as the 800 A.D! Today, brooches are used as a way to express your style and creativity.

So look around, do you see any fashion revivals?

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Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen designs have invaded Target and now, we the little people, are able to appreciate the finer things in life, at an affordable prices.

Zac Posen is known for its über-feminine style that perfectly accentuates women’s figure with an impeccable use of color.  Zac Posen for Target will be available from April 15 until April 25, 2010 and with prices ranging from $40 – $90.00 what is there not to like.  His well-known prints and delicate style are presented in this collection as muses from the past inspired him to create this free spirited and fun loving collection.    For more information check out Zac Posen for Target. Smart Shopping on a Budget!

Chic on a Budget

Zac Posen Look Book

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The Mandrake Team introduces our new section called: It Girl on a Budget because we understand the great pleasure that comes with affording great fashion.  An example of this is a luxury handbags. What happens when you are unable to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the latest Marc Jacobs, or a timeless classic as a Chanel?

Well, it is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so by going with a designer-“inspired” bag we are actually eulogizing a great piece of fashion.

So praise-be the Internet! Because there are many sites that can delight our in-vogue senses while we are on a temporary “saving mode”.  We recommend fashionjunkee.com or shopsueyboutique.com to provide you with fashionable handbags inspired by the great ones for quite the reasonable price.  Your options range from Marc Jacobs and Chanel to Balenciaga’s stylish “Motorcycle” bag.

Motorcycle Bag at Shopsueyboutique.com

And the It Girl, being the resourceful minx that she is, will explore different options and take advantage of them.  Obviously, it will never replace an original, but we should not let the current economic situation limit our chances of looking trés chic, so why not indulge?

Give us your ideas of how to be the perfect It Girl on a Budget, we will love to hear from you!



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As you may know: Mandrake Public Relations is made up of three members: Jenny Lewis, Paola De Castro and Leyla De La Espriella.  Here is a brief intro of each of its members. Lets start with Jenny Lewis.

Jenny Lewis in one word, Spicy!! Yes, that is the best way to describe this Pandora Box, who you will never know what you are going to find inside. Bohemian, intellectual and spiritual individual with an opinionated mind!

Jenny Lewis

Jenny has always been involved in the fashion industry as she opened her own fashion empire for the past couple of years and has succeeded immensely in it.  Being a trendsetter as she has brought her image and fashion sense to her hometown where she established herself in Colombia as an entrepreneur by creating Mellow Yellow Productions.

In addition to her love of fashion, she has cultivated a no nonsense sales experience that brings the valuable side of business negotiator to Mandrake PR and thanks to her the word “no” doesn’t exist in our dictionary.

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Power Girls with fancy handbags and a bitchy attitude.  Well, not really that bitchy. At Mandrake Public Relations we have a saying: “We Work Hard, but we Play Harder”. Well, in reality, we love what we do but we haven’t gotten to the playing part as of yet. It will come in due time.

I have been asked to write a little more about the birth of Mandrake and its members and, that is precisely what I intent to do in the next couple of weeks.  So here goes a proper introduction of what Mandrake is all about and what its three Power Girls have to say about it.

The A Team

Mandrake is made up of three empowered girls, Paola De Castro, Jenny Lewis and Leyla de la Espriella.  When we use the word empowered, we really mean it.  I will get into it on the next blog.  Tata for now.

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