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Designer Ranjana Khan

Insanity, elegance and glitz are a few words to describe the great pieces I found by Ranjana Khan.  Being the seeker of great and original designs, I needed to look up more information about this designer, and wow, was I impressed.

To those that are still in the dark about Ranjana Khan, she was born in India and has lived for the past years between Paris and New York. Ranjana worked with top fashion messiahs as Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier and ultimately, introduced her own collection in Summer 2010, which has captivated many with her bold – yet elegant, style.

Check Availability @ ranjanakhan.com

Check Availability @ ranjanakhan.com

Her technique varies from embroidery to using acid and flame on her pieces in order to give them that worn and antique look that makes any piece desired. Ranjana’s pieces have already outshined the Gossip Girls on screen and they continue to keep peeking their shinny heads on major fashion literature as Vogue and Nylon Magazine.

Gossip Girl


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What is it about wearing shinny, blinged-out shoes? Is it a Cinderella Complex? Lately we are seeing this trend take over season after season.  This trend has been able to transcend through the gloom of dark hues of Fall and the outspoken colors of Summer; and the shinier the better.

Christian Louboutin's Shiny Alti Spikes - $105.00

The look does make any outfit, brighter, no pun intended. It has that magic touch of adding some sultry and elegance to a casual assembles at the same time, it relaxes a too preppy look.

In addition, the contrast it does to your leg is divine. It gives a false tan look when used with short skirts, and the right peak-a-boo look when used with long trousers.  The variety of prices and quality may satisfy even the pickiest of tastes, but we are in love with the one Target has now available.

Target Pumps - $29.99

Maybe is the idea of the fairytale coming true and having those crystal covered shoes at our feet, lets just hope a charming prince comes with them as well.

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Guess, Guess…

Great news coming up. Mandrake PR will soon be part of an excellent and once in a lifetime opportunity. Lights, Camera, Action…. Many counter parts will come together for this event, one that will be talked for years to come and help so many.

….. Sorry, can’t say anything now, but stay tuned.

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Partnership sealed by fashion, art and luxury, took place in the Dominican Republic as MasterCard Black created and sponsored the best quality platform in history.  For the first time, Hispanic talents came together under one roof to show their wonders to the world. Fashion Art Show united only the highest world labels, as Porsche, Max Studio and Sony, to produce a show filled with professional dancers, fashion designers and models.

The concept of the event was inspired by an enchanted garden which initiated with the “Dance to the Rain God,” a ritual that represents prosperity, and one that has been practiced through decades.

In addition, Colombian Pret’A’Porter designer, Silvia Tcherassi, was on site to display her Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  Luxury to its highest degree came walking down that catwalk!

Fashion Art Show was the visionary dream of the production company, Fashion Box Studio Inc. headed by Elías Maida and Patricia Rivadeneira.

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One of our favorite reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project is back for a new third season. Funny, witty and so much fashion to check out.

Rachel Zoe, with its unique approach to styling, invites us to experience the backstage of magazine photo shoots, fashion shows and celebrities try-outs while they get ready for awards season.   With guest appearances by Demi Moore, Gwen Stefani and many more, we are certain it will satisfy our exquisite high palate who has been craving for fashion snacks for some time now.

A Show "To Die For"

First Episode: Demi Moore Photo Shoot for Harper's Bazaar April 2010 Cover

Great BackStage Moments with Kate Hudson

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The Black Book

Thanks to Nina Garcia and her Little Black Book of Style!  Full with tips and tricks, basic insights, inspirations and a trip through time, this book fulfills its promise to provoke the senses by contemplating fashion as part of one’s inner identity.

Quoting fashion icons from Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, to the genius minds of Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci, The Little Black Book, makes it entertaining to anyone who might be under the magic spell of fashion.   With contributing fashion anecdotes, amazing illustrations by Ruben Toledo and Q&As from Heidi Klum, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, and many more, it is surprising that we managed without it!

Great Illustrations

Nina Garcia is to be admired, not only because she is an authority figure in the fashion industry; or because she is the equivalent of Simon Cowell in Project Runaway; or not even because she is from our native hometown Barranquilla, Colombia, but because she makes the most important fashion point finally obvious to everyone!  The latest It Bag should not inspire your personal style, but instead, YOU should be your own fashion!

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Ceviche 105

If you want to experience an explosion of taste, we recommend that you take a walk downtown and into the fashionable boutique restaurant Ceviche 105.  Great taste, great location and great atmosphere to spend a nice and cozy night with a couple of friends. And taking our very own advice, that is exactly what we did.

Unknown words like Pucusana, pisco, tiradito, caucau and others, will simply stayed unidentified and mysterious to us as the Incas; but meanwhile, your taste buds will enjoy the mystifying flavors of some provocative dishes.  Ceviche 105 opened its doors in September 2008 and its kitchen is overruled by the impeccable aesthetics of both Chef Luis Hoyos and Chef Juan Chipoco, who project passion in every dish they create. We definitely give Ceviche 105, two sizzling thumbs up!

Our selection of the night - Ceviche Trilogy

Our Cozy Night with Friends

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