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Mandrake Public Relations was yet again present for round three at the Miami Hair, Beauty & Fashion which took place at the always elegant Spa at the Viceroy, this past November 8th.  On its 3rd edition, there was more fashion, more celebrities and more beauty.

Miami Hair, Beauty and Fashion by Rocco Donna

Mandrake had the honor of being in the  middle of everything, handling the Celebrity Suite, where we met many Latin celebrities and were able to chat with them while they got ready for the pink carpet and the fabulous runway.

The behind the scenes was out of this world, as hair and makeup prep was like playing musical chairs while the Spa at the Viceroy filled up with more than 450 people, awaiting the night’s one of kind show.  Known as the event to showcase the latest hairstyles, makeup looks and clothing design, this VIP party was one not to miss, and this year it didn’t fall short to the hype of past years.

Personalities as Marisa Del Portillo, Sonya Smith and Karent Sierra, were a few of the guests invited this year to walk down the runway wearing unique designs from hip urban/chic Ixoye by Rosita Hurtado, full of one of my favorite painters of all times, Frida Khalo.  And designer Miguel Angel MasJuan who couldn’t get any elegant, with his gowns full of colors that exuded style and classic sophistication. How will Rocco Donna surpass this year’s success in 2013? We will have to wait and see…

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A new campaign is beginning this October, with a clear message of the importance it is to self-check for Breast Cancer and titled with a peculiar name “Tocarse esta de Moda” (Touch Yourself, is IN).  Mandrake was right in the middle of it all, giving ourselves a breast exam while the camera shoot for the upcoming October 2011 issue of MODA Fashion Magazine.

Ladies, remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the point of the campaign is to make women proactive and less prudish.  Leave behind the wrong concept of a self-check and perceive it with the serious notion it has, as a preventive tool in the battle against breast cancer. You have the power to protect yourself by being cautious and actively doing something against it. So keep yourself informed of how to give yourself a correct breast exam in order to know what to look and effectively detect any abnormalities or changes, and it all starts by touching yourself.

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MODA Fashion Magazine abre sus páginas para el deleite de todos los fanáticos de la moda vanguardista.  Publicada cada dos meses para un total de seis ediciones al ano, MODA Fashion Magazine ofrecerá noticias provenientes de cinco principales ciudades del mundo, proporcionando amplia cobertura de la moda contemporánea con un toque original.  La revista pretende cautivar la atención de diseñadores de moda, compradores, modelos, estilistas, arquitectos, fotógrafos y todo aquel seguidor del área creativa.  Celebrando  esta fecha especial junto a sus colaboradores y personalidades, MODA Fashion lanzara su primera publicación el próximo Miércoles, 27 de Julio 2011 en Kitchen 305, en el reconocido Hotel y Resort Newport Beachside en Sunny Isles.
Su primera edición titulada Edición de Verano, estará disponible al público en esta oportunidad virtualmente en:http://www.modafashionmagazine.com/ y por correo a los suscriptores en Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico. En futuras ediciones, MODA Fashion Magazine estará disponible en puntos de venta de libros, aeropuertos internacionales, tiendas especializadas en arte y puestos de noticias.  MODA Fashion Magazine promete ofrecer temas de moda, productos de lujos, artículos de decoración, pero se enfatizara en abrirles puertas a diseñadores de moda e intelectuales en el ambiente creativo, quienes buscan recursos para expresar sus creaciones originales.  La revista contara con la colaboración de una variedad de personalidades creativas quienes implementaran sus experiencias y habilidades.  Entre ellos, MODA Fashion Magazine, cuenta con personalidades como: Jodie Aboud, periodista, diseñadora y empresaria destacada en el área de la moda en el sur de la Florida vía Fashion Connect Studio, LLC; Aisha Sánchez escritora de la industria de la Moda de Latinoamérica; Adeline Betroneche destacada Estilista y experta en mercadeo de Moda, Paola De Castro, publicista de moda y presidente de Mandrake Public Relations, Inc. y Erika Montes cosmetóloga y amante de la MODA en la ciudad de Nueva York, entre otros.
Con publicaciones programadas para Agosto 2011 presentando líneas de trajes de baño, Octubre 2011, celebrando la vida y apoyando la cura contra el Cáncer y Diciembre 2011 ofreciendo las mejores ideas para regalos y consejos de belleza, MODA Fashion Magazine espera cautivar a sus lectores con primicias de la moda, diseñadores originales e ideas creativas.  Para más información sobre MODA Fashion Magazine y sus participantes, por favor de comunicarse con Paola De Castro vía email a paola@mandrakepr.com.
MODA  Fashion Magazine, se publica cada dos meses – seis números al año, es una revista de moda verdaderamente internacional con noticias de  corresponsales aclamado en más de una de las 5 principales ciudades del mundo. Proporcionando una amplia cobertura, comentarios internacionales de la vanguardia de la moda contemporánea y un inculcación en el más amplio espectro cultural y contemporáneo. MODA Fashion Magazine  es una necesidad para aquellos que necesitan estar informados sobre lo que está de moda. Los lectores se componen principalmente de grupos de interés, incluyendo diseñadores de moda y compradores, modelos, arquitectos, diseñadores, fotógrafos y otros profesionales que trabajan en cine, música, publicidad, moda, nuevos medios de comunicación y en instituciones de moda contemporánea. Para mas información, por favor visite: http://www.modafashionmagazine.com/

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So, is it called work when you do what you love? Our experience has been that business and pleasure does mix! And with that in mind, I would like to let everyone know that Mandrake will be soon offering its services in the creation of a revolutionary and out of the box new fashion magazine.

MODA Fashion Magazine is an international fashion and lifestyle magazine with news from acclaimed correspondents in more than 10 key cities worldwide, so you will definitely be able to get an international point of view. It will provide a comprehensive, informed and truly international coverage cutting edge style of the contemporary fashion industry.

Moda Fashion Magazine First Issue

So as mentioned, we were asked to cover a segment on its first issue, and we will do with great delight and honor, as we find pleasure in doing well our work. Its first issue is planned to launch in June 2011 and it will flourish with fashion, fashion and fashion. Mmmm our favorite subject.

As that wasn’t enough MODA Fashion Magazine will be officially releasing its online site today, and is inviting the public to Kitchen 305, where everyone will have a chance to experience, first hand, all the goodies this magazine has to offer.  

When: April 15th, 2011

Time: 10:00pm

Where: KITCHEN 305, 16701 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles, FL

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Had a blast during Fashion Connect’s latest event, Fashion Industry Briefcase at Kitchen 305.  It was a great opportunity to mingle and meet people in the industry.  With a select group of guests, consisting of designers, public relations entrepreneurs and future models, we were able to “connect” with each other.  The night offered a model showcase and a surprise goodie bag raffle, and most importantly, the promise of  promoting upcoming designers and undiscovered models.

Next upcoming event will be on March 23, and Miami Fashion Connect Studio Spring and European fashion comes together to entertain us.

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Great news, everybody, Mandrake PR has just partnered with Fashion Connect Studio.

About Fashion Connect Studio

Fashion Connect Studio is a combination of 4 fabulous fashion companies dedicated to connect the fashion world.  They walk with you through the fashion world, to guide and help the talent get the best out of each opportunity.  It presently holds fashion headquarters in Miami, New York, Colombia, Caracas, Madrid and Dubai.

This partnership promises to bring good times and produce many original and unique fashion experiences.  Miami, Florida get ready for alternative Fashion Trunk Shows, Runway Pizzazz, and most of all, new and original designers to learn about.

We will be producing new sources for emerging designers to express their creative designs and have the opportunity to exhibit them to the public.  So just hold and be ready for what is coming, because we know you are going to love it.

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Mandrake PR has begun 2011 with the right foot! We are only beginning the second month of the year, and we have already obtain huge success! First, our great client,  Abnormal Ariginals was named “What to Shop” by Radar’s Section on The Herald and, soon after, we got the great news of landing two full pages in Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit Edition! We are static about the news, and know there are greater things to come.

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