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Summer is here and its time for the brights to come out! Neon Yellow, Hot Pink, Lime Green, we do not discriminate.    Hues like these are great ways to wake up your outfits and make a notice-me statement. We suggest to go wild find essential accessories in hot colors, or selectively pick one piece of your wardrobe.  My latest goodie are these bright hot pink Hilser flats from Aldo, which I have noticed they compliment every single thing in my closet and always helps me grab the attention of my peers.

Hilser Aldo Shoes – ON SALE online now $34.98!!!

But there are many options to choose from,  the fun is smartly pairing them with regular outfits and surprise with unexpected details.

Xhilaration® Yellow/Green Neon Patent Canvas Clutch – $19.99

Lets go fancy with this patent leather loafers by Matt Bernson – $169


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ImageThe Avengers movie is out now, and even though I love the cool and smooth ways of Iron Man, I can’t deny the fashion determination of Thor.  In its honor, I have been wearing my new finding, the Rose Gold Wing Cuff from Wildfox.  I am completely obsessed with this piece, can’t quite put a finger on what is it that caught my eye, between its glam rose gold cover, its audacious wing design or its super hero cuff feel, everything exudes sophistication with a twist.

Rose Gold Wing Cuff at $75.00

Whatever the case it is, this is a keeper.

Wildfox Couture is a free spirited knitwear line based in California. It grew to offer swimwear, shoes in collaboration with designer Jeffrey Campbell and most recently in launched a funky jewelry line that offers a selection of attractive rings, bracelets and necklaces.


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Gold high pumps are so back on!! I can’t remember when was the last time they were popular, but lately this gold accessory is taking over night and day fashion. With jeans, dressed up or with a casual day dress, they always seem to make a bold and feminine statement, which definitely are worth investing.  I cant quite figure out what is it that caught my eye, but their mature and classic look but still soft and young, add a special touch that complements any outfit.

I found these great and multifunctional ones from lulus.com for only $30; Gold never looses its value, lets see if this is right always.

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Last week I bumped into one of a kind design by Tirana Jewelry, and was ecstatic as I found the perfect Earth Day jewelry piece. Tirana Jewelry items are made from oxidized recycled sterling silver and brass material.  The creator behind the brand, Graciela Fuentes, knows perfectly well how to balance old with new, as she plays with the mechanical and intricate details of vintage watches, keys and medals.  She creates necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and cufflings using parts she stumbles upon all around the world.   Her unique and edgy style of dismantling a jewelry item to create a totally different piece while using the same parts, works well with many styles that search vintage/classic fashion with an edge that separates them from the rest. As many pledge to do their part during Earth Day, we invite readers to analyze ways we can all help improve our earth and make it better and suitable for future generations. Happy Earth Day!

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I am the first one to complain about how uncomfortable high heels are, but subsequently, I will be the first to say how fundamental they are to any great outfit.

Luckily I found some practical and inexpensive items that will make any shoe, even the 5 inch ones, comfortable and walk-able.


Insolia High Heels Inserts helps reduce archy feet and provides a nice cushion - $19.95

I was able to try the Foot Petals Heavenly Blizz during a friend’s wedding where dancing and standing was a requirement, and thankfully I was able to wake up the following day without any knee or arch pains. 

Avoid sliding with this Foot Petals heavenly Heelz - $6.95

But the great ace up my sleeve was Dr. Scholls Fast Flats, a practical alternative to shoe wear which can be stashed easily inside the smallest clutch. So girls, take advantage of these comfortable options available and have fun enjoying the nightlife in sky high heels.

The Ace Under My Sleeve. Slip them on right the moment you feel you can walk any more - $16.98

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Short and stub… not the best words I would like to hear someone describe me, but sadly at 5”4”, I came to the realization, as many others out there, that I will never be able to adjust my height.  Many crave those never ending legs and how well they carry out many outfits.  Not to add salt to the wound but I cannot stand being in high heels for more than two hours. So what is a gal to do?

Here are some quick tricks out of the box for all of you girls that are unable to reach for the skies but are smart enough to dress like a super model.

1.     Dress in one solid color.  A good example is dress from head to toe in black; this creates an optical illusion of height.

Alexander Wang

2.     Match your tights to your shoes. Good and easy way to elongate your legs. Take note from Alexander Wang Collection 2012.

3.     Nude Heels.  This works! Try out shoes that match your skin tone and your legs will look, as they never end. We recommend this option of Nude Shoes – Guess by Marciano.

4.     Make your tailor your best friend.  Oversized and slouchy pants just make you look messy. By having pieces that fit you perfectly, it will accentuate the best parts and even play with your proportions.

5.     Try high waist-pants.  This fake trick lets your torso and lower body look longer.

Nude Shoes Galore

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MODA Fashion Magazine abre sus páginas para el deleite de todos los fanáticos de la moda vanguardista.  Publicada cada dos meses para un total de seis ediciones al ano, MODA Fashion Magazine ofrecerá noticias provenientes de cinco principales ciudades del mundo, proporcionando amplia cobertura de la moda contemporánea con un toque original.  La revista pretende cautivar la atención de diseñadores de moda, compradores, modelos, estilistas, arquitectos, fotógrafos y todo aquel seguidor del área creativa.  Celebrando  esta fecha especial junto a sus colaboradores y personalidades, MODA Fashion lanzara su primera publicación el próximo Miércoles, 27 de Julio 2011 en Kitchen 305, en el reconocido Hotel y Resort Newport Beachside en Sunny Isles.
Su primera edición titulada Edición de Verano, estará disponible al público en esta oportunidad virtualmente en:http://www.modafashionmagazine.com/ y por correo a los suscriptores en Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico. En futuras ediciones, MODA Fashion Magazine estará disponible en puntos de venta de libros, aeropuertos internacionales, tiendas especializadas en arte y puestos de noticias.  MODA Fashion Magazine promete ofrecer temas de moda, productos de lujos, artículos de decoración, pero se enfatizara en abrirles puertas a diseñadores de moda e intelectuales en el ambiente creativo, quienes buscan recursos para expresar sus creaciones originales.  La revista contara con la colaboración de una variedad de personalidades creativas quienes implementaran sus experiencias y habilidades.  Entre ellos, MODA Fashion Magazine, cuenta con personalidades como: Jodie Aboud, periodista, diseñadora y empresaria destacada en el área de la moda en el sur de la Florida vía Fashion Connect Studio, LLC; Aisha Sánchez escritora de la industria de la Moda de Latinoamérica; Adeline Betroneche destacada Estilista y experta en mercadeo de Moda, Paola De Castro, publicista de moda y presidente de Mandrake Public Relations, Inc. y Erika Montes cosmetóloga y amante de la MODA en la ciudad de Nueva York, entre otros.
Con publicaciones programadas para Agosto 2011 presentando líneas de trajes de baño, Octubre 2011, celebrando la vida y apoyando la cura contra el Cáncer y Diciembre 2011 ofreciendo las mejores ideas para regalos y consejos de belleza, MODA Fashion Magazine espera cautivar a sus lectores con primicias de la moda, diseñadores originales e ideas creativas.  Para más información sobre MODA Fashion Magazine y sus participantes, por favor de comunicarse con Paola De Castro vía email a paola@mandrakepr.com.
MODA  Fashion Magazine, se publica cada dos meses – seis números al año, es una revista de moda verdaderamente internacional con noticias de  corresponsales aclamado en más de una de las 5 principales ciudades del mundo. Proporcionando una amplia cobertura, comentarios internacionales de la vanguardia de la moda contemporánea y un inculcación en el más amplio espectro cultural y contemporáneo. MODA Fashion Magazine  es una necesidad para aquellos que necesitan estar informados sobre lo que está de moda. Los lectores se componen principalmente de grupos de interés, incluyendo diseñadores de moda y compradores, modelos, arquitectos, diseñadores, fotógrafos y otros profesionales que trabajan en cine, música, publicidad, moda, nuevos medios de comunicación y en instituciones de moda contemporánea. Para mas información, por favor visite: http://www.modafashionmagazine.com/

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