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During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami, I had the honor and pleasure of working with Trendy Studios for the production of Agua Bendita’s Fashion Show.

The electricity, the good one, was perceived instantly from corner to corner the moment you entered the white tent encapsulating the white runway for Agua Bendita’s 2013 collection. Mandrake was able to work backstage prepping video and camera for the show, and we had a glimpse of what is to come in 2013 from this bohemian chic swimwear brand.  With a delightful meeting, followed by an insight interview with Mariana Hinestroza, one of the two designers behind the creative bikini and accessory line, I had the inside scoop of what inspired this new collection, and a first look at the their fashion show lineup.   

The collection has prominent Native American/Wild West motif with a twist of metals and blinding brights. “We wanted to showcases the effort, work and honor natives have in their work and struggle for existence.” stated Hinestroza. And I might add, it is quite sexy and fun.

It quickly transformed into a navy and military concept, featuring 1940’s style pinups, shiny army insignias, feminine pink anchors and retro military propagandas images.  Genius!  Masculine, but pretty; Retro but modern.

After the prep, hair and make up, the music went blasting and the catwalk was blinded by international flashes capturing images for mayor press entities who were delighted by this Colombian fashion line.

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I was just perplexed by the stunning bags of Deesigns’.  Dee Ocleppo brings a fun and easy way, for us girls to save money, with luxe handbags that come with multiple interchangeable covers.

The covers – all made from exquisite leather, fun prints and wearable denims, that buttons onto the frames to offer dual options of styled bags.   My favorite is this sizzling Mustique, a metallic version that is fun on one side – with a cameo print – and gunmetal on the reverse. Sexy and fun in just one bag!

Mustique – by Deesigns’ @ $139.90

Many might not know, but this super versatile bag designer is Tommy Hilfiger’s wife and is vamping a storm with her unique bags all over HSN; where you can buy online one of her elegant frames, as well as countless of reversible covers.

My future purchase is the fabulous Monaco, a fine leather tote with a delish mahogany frame, with an office friendly reverse cover.  I can simply use the lighter version for work and after 6pm, with a quick switch, I have a different leather tote for happy hour. What a convenient and fantastic idea.  Check her bags today at HSN.com.

Monaco Tote by Deesigns’ @ $159.90

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ImageThe Avengers movie is out now, and even though I love the cool and smooth ways of Iron Man, I can’t deny the fashion determination of Thor.  In its honor, I have been wearing my new finding, the Rose Gold Wing Cuff from Wildfox.  I am completely obsessed with this piece, can’t quite put a finger on what is it that caught my eye, between its glam rose gold cover, its audacious wing design or its super hero cuff feel, everything exudes sophistication with a twist.

Rose Gold Wing Cuff at $75.00

Whatever the case it is, this is a keeper.

Wildfox Couture is a free spirited knitwear line based in California. It grew to offer swimwear, shoes in collaboration with designer Jeffrey Campbell and most recently in launched a funky jewelry line that offers a selection of attractive rings, bracelets and necklaces.


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Designer Ranjana Khan

Insanity, elegance and glitz are a few words to describe the great pieces I found by Ranjana Khan.  Being the seeker of great and original designs, I needed to look up more information about this designer, and wow, was I impressed.

To those that are still in the dark about Ranjana Khan, she was born in India and has lived for the past years between Paris and New York. Ranjana worked with top fashion messiahs as Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier and ultimately, introduced her own collection in Summer 2010, which has captivated many with her bold – yet elegant, style.

Check Availability @ ranjanakhan.com

Check Availability @ ranjanakhan.com

Her technique varies from embroidery to using acid and flame on her pieces in order to give them that worn and antique look that makes any piece desired. Ranjana’s pieces have already outshined the Gossip Girls on screen and they continue to keep peeking their shinny heads on major fashion literature as Vogue and Nylon Magazine.

Gossip Girl

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Recently Miami locals have been enjoying a wonderful but sadly, short cold weather period.  Of course, many take this unique opportunity to bring out all of their winter gear that for months haven’t been able to see the light of day.  Recently, I have been obsessed with a beautiful hand woven alpaca poncho that I obtain on my last trip to Ecuador. Its fine craftsmanship and combination of lively colors, makes a great combination to Miami’s showstopper fashion.

Their fresh feel and easy cover up capabilities, makes ponchos a fun and unique alternative to jackets and sweaters. If traveling to Ecuador is out of the way, you can still enjoy more demure variations by Michael Kors as the one shown below.

Michael Kors Turtleneck Poncho Dark Camel $149.00

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MODA Fashion Magazine abre sus páginas para el deleite de todos los fanáticos de la moda vanguardista.  Publicada cada dos meses para un total de seis ediciones al ano, MODA Fashion Magazine ofrecerá noticias provenientes de cinco principales ciudades del mundo, proporcionando amplia cobertura de la moda contemporánea con un toque original.  La revista pretende cautivar la atención de diseñadores de moda, compradores, modelos, estilistas, arquitectos, fotógrafos y todo aquel seguidor del área creativa.  Celebrando  esta fecha especial junto a sus colaboradores y personalidades, MODA Fashion lanzara su primera publicación el próximo Miércoles, 27 de Julio 2011 en Kitchen 305, en el reconocido Hotel y Resort Newport Beachside en Sunny Isles.
Su primera edición titulada Edición de Verano, estará disponible al público en esta oportunidad virtualmente en:http://www.modafashionmagazine.com/ y por correo a los suscriptores en Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico. En futuras ediciones, MODA Fashion Magazine estará disponible en puntos de venta de libros, aeropuertos internacionales, tiendas especializadas en arte y puestos de noticias.  MODA Fashion Magazine promete ofrecer temas de moda, productos de lujos, artículos de decoración, pero se enfatizara en abrirles puertas a diseñadores de moda e intelectuales en el ambiente creativo, quienes buscan recursos para expresar sus creaciones originales.  La revista contara con la colaboración de una variedad de personalidades creativas quienes implementaran sus experiencias y habilidades.  Entre ellos, MODA Fashion Magazine, cuenta con personalidades como: Jodie Aboud, periodista, diseñadora y empresaria destacada en el área de la moda en el sur de la Florida vía Fashion Connect Studio, LLC; Aisha Sánchez escritora de la industria de la Moda de Latinoamérica; Adeline Betroneche destacada Estilista y experta en mercadeo de Moda, Paola De Castro, publicista de moda y presidente de Mandrake Public Relations, Inc. y Erika Montes cosmetóloga y amante de la MODA en la ciudad de Nueva York, entre otros.
Con publicaciones programadas para Agosto 2011 presentando líneas de trajes de baño, Octubre 2011, celebrando la vida y apoyando la cura contra el Cáncer y Diciembre 2011 ofreciendo las mejores ideas para regalos y consejos de belleza, MODA Fashion Magazine espera cautivar a sus lectores con primicias de la moda, diseñadores originales e ideas creativas.  Para más información sobre MODA Fashion Magazine y sus participantes, por favor de comunicarse con Paola De Castro vía email a paola@mandrakepr.com.
MODA  Fashion Magazine, se publica cada dos meses – seis números al año, es una revista de moda verdaderamente internacional con noticias de  corresponsales aclamado en más de una de las 5 principales ciudades del mundo. Proporcionando una amplia cobertura, comentarios internacionales de la vanguardia de la moda contemporánea y un inculcación en el más amplio espectro cultural y contemporáneo. MODA Fashion Magazine  es una necesidad para aquellos que necesitan estar informados sobre lo que está de moda. Los lectores se componen principalmente de grupos de interés, incluyendo diseñadores de moda y compradores, modelos, arquitectos, diseñadores, fotógrafos y otros profesionales que trabajan en cine, música, publicidad, moda, nuevos medios de comunicación y en instituciones de moda contemporánea. Para mas información, por favor visite: http://www.modafashionmagazine.com/

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With summer sending already his “Save the Date” notices, it’s time to dazzle with colors that characterizes this season’s look. Bright and vivid colors not only complement every skin tone, but they provide fresh options.

Luna By Josandra

Dressing up in different versions of blue, like this imperial blue dress by Luna by Josandra is a great starting point.The silky light and fresh fabric gives it versatility and a sleek simplicity. You can wear it during the week at the office, at night paired with great accessories or while enjoying your long awaited weekend.

Coral is another color that has become very popular

Vanessa Bruno Jacket

this summer. We can now get a glimpse of it in jackets, which usually come in somber dark colors. There are no longer excuses to be boring while at work. Those boxy jackets and blazers we normally wear at the office have now transformed into fresh and modern key fashion pieces that come in all ranges of bright colors. They definitely bring a well-deserved fresh and modern look to the office.

Now, if you are afraid of change, start with baby steps, and implement these summer colors in small and inexpensive items as earrings or sunglasses. This gives you the opportunity to play with the color before making a big investment that sets you in a permanent commitment.

Also, accessories are dazzling as well in different shades of colorful coral, fuchsia and yellow. Necklaces in a variety of stones in bright colors are also the rage this summer. Those with intricate combinations of materials such as cloth, leather, gold, rope and bling bling, make a clever mixture, which gives your outfit a very Bollywood look.With a necklace like this paired with a classic outfit you will certainly attract some attention.

There are also other ways we can take advantage of color this summer. Not only our clothes should be lucky to seize the attention and show off bright color hues. Nixon Now is offering accessories in colors like fuchsia and blue in some of its products. These headphones for example, not only look good but they also sound great. Made with a lightweight material as nylon and silicone, they make “The” excellent colorful accessory. Also consider modern notebooks; there is no reason why we should ignore these everyday tools we use for college or at the office.

So dazzle this summer with these ideas and we promise, you will make even the sun jealous of your shine.

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