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H&M Finally in South Florida

We know we are not the only ones in South Florida who are ecstatic to learn that H&M will open its fabulous doors in South Florida, and it’s about freaking time!

Its South Beach location will be at the recent remodeled Lincoln Theater, previous home to the New World Symphony, in the middle of Lincoln Road at: 541 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.  This beautiful and historic landmark location will maintain its original art deco silhouette, for the dire pleasure of its patrons where they will not only appreciate the vast affordable fashion items, but also the architectural art of its venue.

H&M Upcoming South Beach Location

Mandrake will be there on its opening splendor showing images of its well known fashion.


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As much as I love fashion, I am far from being a designer, but thankfully I found this great site where I can try my hopes in expressing my love for fashion and actually creating something wearable.  Shoesofprey.com offers user-friendly options that make it easier for people to custom their flats, heels and even booties.  With prices ranging from $180 – $330 and countless combinations, you will feel like a designer with one of a kind pair of shoes, designed exclusively by you, for you! Enjoy and happy ventures.

Easy to Follow Steps

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The Sony Ericsson Open is in full swing in Miami and the excitement and love for the game is at everybody’s reach. With a full range of international and national players, Miami’s sunny days will be fun to enjoy as every day, starting March 19 through April 1, 2012, players battle their cunning speed, wit and precision on the set.

But besides this fascinating game, there are always great opportunities to bump into celebrities, as the Sony Ericsson Open is known to be a Hot Hub for personalities as Shakira and Anna Wintour, who come down south to enjoy the games and follow tennis Masters as Rafael Nadal, Petra Kvitova and Maria Sharapova.  With over 78 Male and 79 Women line up, everybody’s taste will be satisfied. Are you in the game?

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The Miami Hair, Beauty and Fashion Show is back for its sophomore year, and it is bigger and better!  The night is all about discovering the latest trends and celebrating everything that is fabulous.  With its renowned pink carpet, already set at the always chic Viceroy Miami Hotel to welcome countless local and international celebrities who will strut their fresh off the runway designs, it will surely fascinate the crowd.  Media from all over the country, and more, will be on site to grasp the magic of this one-of-a-kind event, which took last year the city by storm, and hopes to do the same this year. 

And with new global sponsors adding to its impressive list of supporters as Avianca, Enzo Milano and Mercedes Benz,  it will definitely be again, an event to remember. For more information please visit: www.miamihairbeautyandfashion.com


Hotel Viceroy Miami

485 Brickell Avenue.

Miami Fl 33131

DATE: Thursday, October 27th, 2011

TIME: 6:00pm-12:00am

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Entramos en el mes de Octubre, el cual celebra la lucha contra el cáncer de seno.

Cada ano, organizaciones crean nuevas formas para atraer la atención en el estudio y deteccion del cáncer de Seno.  En los últimos anos, muchos diseñadores, compañías e identidades globales, se han unido en esta causa para coordinar ingeniosas campanas para mantener al publico informado.  Ejemplo de esto, es la ultima campana de Pink Loves Fashion, titulada”Tocarse esta de Moda” la cual invita a mujeres de todas las edades, a examinarse personalmente con el fin de detectar irregularidades a tiempo.

Otro ejemplo, es la ultima edicion de la revista MODA Fashion Magazine la cual se enfoco totalmente en temas para darle un fuerte frente  en contra del cancer de seno. Te invitamos a visitar su pagina online para enterarte de todo lo que puedes hacer para colaborar en esta ardua batalla.

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A new campaign is beginning this October, with a clear message of the importance it is to self-check for Breast Cancer and titled with a peculiar name “Tocarse esta de Moda” (Touch Yourself, is IN).  Mandrake was right in the middle of it all, giving ourselves a breast exam while the camera shoot for the upcoming October 2011 issue of MODA Fashion Magazine.

Ladies, remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the point of the campaign is to make women proactive and less prudish.  Leave behind the wrong concept of a self-check and perceive it with the serious notion it has, as a preventive tool in the battle against breast cancer. You have the power to protect yourself by being cautious and actively doing something against it. So keep yourself informed of how to give yourself a correct breast exam in order to know what to look and effectively detect any abnormalities or changes, and it all starts by touching yourself.

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Invitamos a todos nuestros seguidores a visitar la nueva alternativa de revista de moda, que recientemente ha sido lanzada al publico. Con un estilo muy unico y noticias claves en el area de la moda, arquitectura, diseno y turismo, MODA Fashion Magazine abre sus paginas para el deleite de todos.

Mandrake estara incluida en cada edicion con su columna “Sabra Mandrake” donde daremos nuestra opinion sobre diferentes temas de relaciones publicas y moda en general.  Nos encantaria escuchar sus opiniones y que temas le interesaria para la proxima edicion que esta programada en salir en 2011.

Para poder disfrutar del articulo por favor visita: MODA Fashin Magazine en la pagina 52. Quedamos muy atentos de sus comentarios.


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