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I was just perplexed by the stunning bags of Deesigns’.  Dee Ocleppo brings a fun and easy way, for us girls to save money, with luxe handbags that come with multiple interchangeable covers.

The covers – all made from exquisite leather, fun prints and wearable denims, that buttons onto the frames to offer dual options of styled bags.   My favorite is this sizzling Mustique, a metallic version that is fun on one side – with a cameo print – and gunmetal on the reverse. Sexy and fun in just one bag!

Mustique – by Deesigns’ @ $139.90

Many might not know, but this super versatile bag designer is Tommy Hilfiger’s wife and is vamping a storm with her unique bags all over HSN; where you can buy online one of her elegant frames, as well as countless of reversible covers.

My future purchase is the fabulous Monaco, a fine leather tote with a delish mahogany frame, with an office friendly reverse cover.  I can simply use the lighter version for work and after 6pm, with a quick switch, I have a different leather tote for happy hour. What a convenient and fantastic idea.  Check her bags today at HSN.com.

Monaco Tote by Deesigns’ @ $159.90


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