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Gold high pumps are so back on!! I can’t remember when was the last time they were popular, but lately this gold accessory is taking over night and day fashion. With jeans, dressed up or with a casual day dress, they always seem to make a bold and feminine statement, which definitely are worth investing.  I cant quite figure out what is it that caught my eye, but their mature and classic look but still soft and young, add a special touch that complements any outfit.

I found these great and multifunctional ones from lulus.com for only $30; Gold never looses its value, lets see if this is right always.


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Last week I bumped into one of a kind design by Tirana Jewelry, and was ecstatic as I found the perfect Earth Day jewelry piece. Tirana Jewelry items are made from oxidized recycled sterling silver and brass material.  The creator behind the brand, Graciela Fuentes, knows perfectly well how to balance old with new, as she plays with the mechanical and intricate details of vintage watches, keys and medals.  She creates necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and cufflings using parts she stumbles upon all around the world.   Her unique and edgy style of dismantling a jewelry item to create a totally different piece while using the same parts, works well with many styles that search vintage/classic fashion with an edge that separates them from the rest. As many pledge to do their part during Earth Day, we invite readers to analyze ways we can all help improve our earth and make it better and suitable for future generations. Happy Earth Day!

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