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Designer Ranjana Khan

Insanity, elegance and glitz are a few words to describe the great pieces I found by Ranjana Khan.  Being the seeker of great and original designs, I needed to look up more information about this designer, and wow, was I impressed.

To those that are still in the dark about Ranjana Khan, she was born in India and has lived for the past years between Paris and New York. Ranjana worked with top fashion messiahs as Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier and ultimately, introduced her own collection in Summer 2010, which has captivated many with her bold – yet elegant, style.

Check Availability @ ranjanakhan.com

Check Availability @ ranjanakhan.com

Her technique varies from embroidery to using acid and flame on her pieces in order to give them that worn and antique look that makes any piece desired. Ranjana’s pieces have already outshined the Gossip Girls on screen and they continue to keep peeking their shinny heads on major fashion literature as Vogue and Nylon Magazine.

Gossip Girl


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What is it about wearing shinny, blinged-out shoes? Is it a Cinderella Complex? Lately we are seeing this trend take over season after season.  This trend has been able to transcend through the gloom of dark hues of Fall and the outspoken colors of Summer; and the shinier the better.

Christian Louboutin's Shiny Alti Spikes - $105.00

The look does make any outfit, brighter, no pun intended. It has that magic touch of adding some sultry and elegance to a casual assembles at the same time, it relaxes a too preppy look.

In addition, the contrast it does to your leg is divine. It gives a false tan look when used with short skirts, and the right peak-a-boo look when used with long trousers.  The variety of prices and quality may satisfy even the pickiest of tastes, but we are in love with the one Target has now available.

Target Pumps - $29.99

Maybe is the idea of the fairytale coming true and having those crystal covered shoes at our feet, lets just hope a charming prince comes with them as well.

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