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A new campaign is beginning this October, with a clear message of the importance it is to self-check for Breast Cancer and titled with a peculiar name “Tocarse esta de Moda” (Touch Yourself, is IN).  Mandrake was right in the middle of it all, giving ourselves a breast exam while the camera shoot for the upcoming October 2011 issue of MODA Fashion Magazine.

Ladies, remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the point of the campaign is to make women proactive and less prudish.  Leave behind the wrong concept of a self-check and perceive it with the serious notion it has, as a preventive tool in the battle against breast cancer. You have the power to protect yourself by being cautious and actively doing something against it. So keep yourself informed of how to give yourself a correct breast exam in order to know what to look and effectively detect any abnormalities or changes, and it all starts by touching yourself.


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