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Ponte La Camiseta by Latin US Unites with Major Celebrities for its Official Launch that Promises Health and Welfare for Children in Need

With the turn of the century, statistical evidence has shown the valuable asset Latinos add to U.S. society’s advancement.  Behind this enriched cultural contribution, a need to highlight the consistent development in the political, economic and social areas, has surfaced.  In response, “Ponte la Camiseta (Wear the Shirt) by Latin US” will launch its campaign on June 2nd, 2011.

Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US will celebrate its launch and celebrity video/photos unveiling with a star-studded and insiders-only function at the posh Spazio Nero Brickell, located at 1421 South Miami Avenue in the downtown Miami, on June 2nd, 2011 from 9:00 to 11:00pm.  Surrounded by its modern Venetian styled décor and always inviting atmosphere, guests will enjoy complimentary and custom-made Caipirinhas by Leblon Cachaça and cocktails by L’Chaim Kosher Vodka in order to toast this wonderful occasion. In addition, Marger will perform her new single “Efectos Secundarios/Secondary Effects,” written and produced by Marger, Erika Ender and Fernando Rojo, exclusively for this campaign.

Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US is a philanthropic campaign that hopes to offer humanitarian support, monetary assistance and public awareness to five global charities, while creating a lifestyle that positively promotes Latino’s spirit and culture. The purpose of Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US campaign is to come together not only to express, in a collective front, Latino’s talent within the United States, by honoring and celebrating their efforts, but also to promote a fashionable outlet to gather valuable funds. Therefore, starting June 2nd, 2011, Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US t-shirts will be available for purchase at www.pontelacamisetabylatinus.org.  Its 9 cotton t-shirts styles, each with their particular encouraging message, will be for sale to the public online only. Its proceeds will go to help aid charities as Rayito de Sol (Colombia) [www.fundacionrayitodesol.org], Educa (Mexico) [www.educa.org.mx] United for Bolivia (Bolivia) http://www.unitedforbolivia.com, NU3 (Colombia) http://www.nu3.org.co, RCMA (United States) http://www.rcma.org and the Movement Saving the Planet with Style.  The campaign promises to offer 100% of the earnings from its online t-shirts sales to help Hispanic children in the areas of health care, education, food and nutrition through these global organizations. By several online sources presently available, including a video, a behind the scenes introduction photo shoot through the magical lens of Nick Garcia and powerful social networks via Facebook@Ponte-la-Camiseta-By-Latin-US,Twitter@PLCbyLatinUS. Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US hopes to be able to transmit a positive message while showcasing a wonderful cause.

Anyone and everyone will be able to help millions of defenseless children that struggle every day, to bring a little sunshine into their lives.  Through Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US, we are encouraging the public to put on the shirt and help those in need.” shares Fashion Box Studio Creative Director and inspirational creator of Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US, Elias Maida. “Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US campaign is a past due debt that society has with the Hispanic community.  Backed by our efforts and hard work, we hope to remind the U.S. public to recognize and celebrate the talent, work, effort, values and spirit, Latinos are constantly incorporating into this country.” states Latin US President, Carlos Rincon Gallardo.

This project would not be possible thanks to each and every single individual that believed in the limitless possibilities that Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US will bring to many.  Each and every one of these talents has volunteered their time and skills to the matter. First and foremost, Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US collective front relies heavily in the valuable collaboration of outstanding Latin celebrities in the United States.  This group is created by fifteen acclaimed celebrities as: Vanessa Hauc (Peruvian Host), Sonia Velásquez (Colombian Host), Mónica Noguera (Mexican Host), Maritza Rodriguez (Colombian Actress), Cynthia Olavarria (Puerto Rican Model), Marger (Venezuelan Singer), Gaby Rivero (Mexican Actress), David Chocarro (Argentinean Actor), Melvin Cabrera (Venezuelan Actor), Jason Canela (Cuban-American Actor), Leonardo Corredor (Venezuelan Actor), Quique Usales (Argentinean, TV fashion consultant), Leonardo Rocco (Argentinean Hair Stylist), Paulo Quevedo (Mexican Actor) y Humberto Carrera (Mexican Host).

Furthermore, Ponte la Camiseta by Latin US production counts with the participation of renowned creative enterprises that have made this campaign become a reality.  With Blindlight Studios, D’Escoubet Law, P.L., Fashion Box Studio, Innova Hispanic Advertising, La Fabrica Films, Rocco Donna Hair & Beauty Art, and Mandrake Public Relations, as its creative engine, success will surely awaits.

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So as promised, here is our recount of what it was to outlive the famous “Running of the Brides” and I can say with total honesty…it wasn’t that bad.  Fortunate enough, we were some of the few lucky ones that actually walked out the doors carrying their trophy dress. 

Arriving at 5:30am, we were extra caffeinated than normally, and ready, wearing our home-made war uniform, with our team’s name “Royal Pains” on the front.  While waiting for 8am to roam around, we were actually entertained by several wedding vendors who offered their many services.  Also, we were fed with protein bars and milk shakes, dressed with t-shirts and provided comfy yoga mats, all courtesy of SlimFast.

Finally, it was time to get ready, and as the countdown came to 0, we found ourselves carrying rather heavy dresses and bumping into half naked brides.  With what we didn’t bump into, was with any designer dresses or anything remotely close to Vera Wang, but the prices did balance out the equation of having such a disappointment.  As two and a half hours passed by, I had selected 2 dresses that could resemble the Monique Lhuillier Fall 2011 dress I had my heart set on.  But as things unexpectedly happen in life, and while I was on my last walk through down the hall of left-over dresses, something caught my attention. And just then and there, I had found THE dress. It’s funny when things happened like that!

Please enjoy the images of our such a memorable experience.

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As yours truly, is currently in the process of creating the wedding of her dreams…. on a budget, I would like to take the opportunity to use this blog to give you my very own experience of being the It Bridal Girl on the Budget.

Spring and summer are the best seasons for weddings as the color sequences and flower selections are very provocative. But for me, there is nothing like fall.  That is why I am calculating and coordinating everything to be set for that special chilly season.  The colors are just perfect with my personality and the weather outside is comforting.  But besides selecting the time for this great occasion, there are many other things to consider.

Be ready to go to war, for your dress

So our first step is selecting the dress, and we will be experiencing this year’s Running of the Brides and giving a very onsite view of what it is to literally, fight for the perfect wedding dress. Tomorrow, Filene’s Basement’s famous “Running of the Brides” will take over Aventura, Florida and provide desperate brides- myself included- the chance to walk down the aisle in a Monique Lhuillier design.  If you are in the area of North Miami, and possibly have cravings to buy a wedding dress, please take the time visit Filene’s Basement’s.  Just some quick tips to make your success probability higher:

  1. Recruit your team and assign jobs;
  2. Create a team unity by wearing something matching, this helps when you are screaming for dear life, because Team Muffin Top just stole your 50% off Vera Wang dress;
  3. Use images as ways to successfully direct your team to the right style;
  4. Dress smart. Wear tights and a sports bra, this makes everything so easy; and
  5. Be there early. Hey, if your soon-to-be-husband camped outside Best Buy for Black Friday, then it should be considered normal to do the same, for your wedding dress. So be there way before doors open at 8:00am.

So, we will be checking in tomorrow with videos and images after we have assessed our winnings and have in our hands that magical dress we have all dreamed about, just 50% less.

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With summer sending already his “Save the Date” notices, it’s time to dazzle with colors that characterizes this season’s look. Bright and vivid colors not only complement every skin tone, but they provide fresh options.

Luna By Josandra

Dressing up in different versions of blue, like this imperial blue dress by Luna by Josandra is a great starting point.The silky light and fresh fabric gives it versatility and a sleek simplicity. You can wear it during the week at the office, at night paired with great accessories or while enjoying your long awaited weekend.

Coral is another color that has become very popular

Vanessa Bruno Jacket

this summer. We can now get a glimpse of it in jackets, which usually come in somber dark colors. There are no longer excuses to be boring while at work. Those boxy jackets and blazers we normally wear at the office have now transformed into fresh and modern key fashion pieces that come in all ranges of bright colors. They definitely bring a well-deserved fresh and modern look to the office.

Now, if you are afraid of change, start with baby steps, and implement these summer colors in small and inexpensive items as earrings or sunglasses. This gives you the opportunity to play with the color before making a big investment that sets you in a permanent commitment.

Also, accessories are dazzling as well in different shades of colorful coral, fuchsia and yellow. Necklaces in a variety of stones in bright colors are also the rage this summer. Those with intricate combinations of materials such as cloth, leather, gold, rope and bling bling, make a clever mixture, which gives your outfit a very Bollywood look.With a necklace like this paired with a classic outfit you will certainly attract some attention.

There are also other ways we can take advantage of color this summer. Not only our clothes should be lucky to seize the attention and show off bright color hues. Nixon Now is offering accessories in colors like fuchsia and blue in some of its products. These headphones for example, not only look good but they also sound great. Made with a lightweight material as nylon and silicone, they make “The” excellent colorful accessory. Also consider modern notebooks; there is no reason why we should ignore these everyday tools we use for college or at the office.

So dazzle this summer with these ideas and we promise, you will make even the sun jealous of your shine.

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