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Guess, Guess…

Great news coming up. Mandrake PR will soon be part of an excellent and once in a lifetime opportunity. Lights, Camera, Action…. Many counter parts will come together for this event, one that will be talked for years to come and help so many.

….. Sorry, can’t say anything now, but stay tuned.


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Had a blast during Fashion Connect’s latest event, Fashion Industry Briefcase at Kitchen 305.  It was a great opportunity to mingle and meet people in the industry.  With a select group of guests, consisting of designers, public relations entrepreneurs and future models, we were able to “connect” with each other.  The night offered a model showcase and a surprise goodie bag raffle, and most importantly, the promise of  promoting upcoming designers and undiscovered models.

Next upcoming event will be on March 23, and Miami Fashion Connect Studio Spring and European fashion comes together to entertain us.

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Tomorrow we will be attending a great fashion network opportunity at Kitchen 305, in support of Fashion Connect Studio.  Specially forumulated for those individuals that  love to socialize and meet new people, but most of all, for those that need to go out and exchange ideas regarding our most favorite subject…fashion.  I will be proudly showing off one of my favorite clients, Abnormal Ariginals, as they are in the middle of their creative process for their Fall 2011 collection and currently producing their upcoming lookbook.  See you tomorrow.



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Great news, everybody, Mandrake PR has just partnered with Fashion Connect Studio.

About Fashion Connect Studio

Fashion Connect Studio is a combination of 4 fabulous fashion companies dedicated to connect the fashion world.  They walk with you through the fashion world, to guide and help the talent get the best out of each opportunity.  It presently holds fashion headquarters in Miami, New York, Colombia, Caracas, Madrid and Dubai.

This partnership promises to bring good times and produce many original and unique fashion experiences.  Miami, Florida get ready for alternative Fashion Trunk Shows, Runway Pizzazz, and most of all, new and original designers to learn about.

We will be producing new sources for emerging designers to express their creative designs and have the opportunity to exhibit them to the public.  So just hold and be ready for what is coming, because we know you are going to love it.

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