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Turning a bad situation into a good one was our “lesson learned” last summer.  After having a negative experience with a client, we were able to successfully end the year, with the gratification of having the opportunity of meeting new and talented individuals in the fashion industry.

We first met Danielle Wilson from all the way in Dubai. Danielle runs a successful fashion PR firm, CS PR Group, where she represents a diverse group of clients and boutiques.  How wonderful it is to have the chance to meet someone from a far distance, who normally we wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet.  It was interesting to exchange ideas and experiences in the same subject, with different perspectives.  She is such a lovely and vivacious individual with a keen eye for fashion.

SwimShow 2011

We then met Gideon Thomas, a young, creative and talented photographer from London.  His images wonderfully decorated the entire booth during the Swimshow.  His images reflect a passion and eloquence that only he can express. 

And finally, designer Sarah Lown.  With her few years of experience and a recent graduate from Central Saint Martin in London, she has outdone herself by designing beachwear pieces.  Her work can be seen in some of the designs in Bijoux Beach and Miami Baby!

So the purpose of this post is to let others know that at the moment, you might think a bad or negative moment has only that purpose, but it actually can be turned into a positive and constructive one.   One that could enrich your experiences and bring new encounters.


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The new year is here and we are off to a good start, Mandrake PR is always growing, expanding and taking on new challenges, and that is all what starting a new year is all about. So this year we are setting our goals way up high and creating new opportunities for our clients.  We are so happy and honored to continue representing our current clients and hope many others would be included to our list.  We are hoping for new energy and honest clients, for those innovative minds that want to create their own designs and expose their original take of fashion to the public.  

So we move forward, into 2011, hand in hand with our favorite people: our wonderful clients, waiting for only amazing moments to come. From all of us, to all of you, HAPPY 2011!

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