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Frst Year

Mandrake PR is celebrating its first anniversary and we are excited and proud of what the company has accomplished in its first year.  We want to thank everyone that helped made Mandrake a reality.

And most of all, our wonderful clients! Thank you for believing in this company and placing your trust in our services.  So lets raise our glasses and toast for many more anniversaries to come.


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Miami Based Line Conquers the Streets with Its Fresh Take of Urban Chic

Welcoming abnormality and appreciating what is original, perfectly describes this new Miami based line.  Inspired by pieces that reflect the minds of its designers, it brings out a sense of freedom in a crowded fashion industry of cookie cutters that lack any distinguishing characteristics.

Abnormal Ariginals

Founded by De’Hollie Wood and Anthony Shaw, two young entrepreneurs with an immense amount of fashion potential, bring to life this new lifestyle brand.  For the past couple of years, they have cultivated their ground and are finally ready to spread their empire, one step at a time.  Abnormal Ariginals’ first introduction into the fashion industry is their latest collection of men and women’s T-shirt, with a vast variety of designs and graphics to choose from.  They share one similar ingredient, originality, but in this case “ariginality”.

“People nowadays crave that IT factor, the one that sets individuals apart.  There was a time when being “different” was not a good thing, you were considered an outcast and left in the dark.  Abnormal Ariginals has replaced “what supposedly is” and taken it to a higher level of creation” states De’Hollie Wood, CEO of Abnormal Ariginals.  Its present collection reflects the distaste of monotony apparel while offering a set of new and wearable proposals.  Their first collection, titled Welcoming Abnormality, brings forth versatile personalities, as the youthful Phil, a slim fit shirt or Shades in the Sun, a v-neck T-shirt, both made from 100% cotton and each showcasing bright vivid colors with Abnormal Ariginals peculiar fun factor.

Abnormal Ariginals has set its eyes on the South Florida market with its own pristine goal of becoming the go to, urban chic brand within their respective market. Focusing on the brand’s distinctive outspoken and with no reservations designs, it offers its fans a fresh fashionable outlook. The time for fashion absolutism is over; we are in the period of singularity – no more “follow the leader” complex.

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Mandrake Public Relations, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been retained by Abnormal Ariginals, a lifestyle brand of original designs. The line centers its efforts in showcasing creative and standout t-shirts that bring out the original factor that each individual possess.

Abnormal Ariginals has requested the services of Mandrake Public Relations to implement an on-going, proactive and effective campaign to ensure Abnormal Ariginals’ position in South Florida, as the go to, urban chic brand within their respective market. The firm will work to increase the brand’s media presence, by focusing on the brand’s distinctive outspoken and with no reservations designs.

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Inviting all fashion and art lovers for a night where shopping is encouraged and smiles are awaiting.  Green Grass is showcasing its fabulous selection of swimwear while inviting its guests to collaborate in the collection of unwrapped toys for kids in Haiti. Enjoy the night with a fashionable selection of swimwear by Agua Bendita and Maaji and feast your eyes with a photography and art exhibit, tomorrow, November 18 at Green Grass Boutique.  Show starts at 7pm and Tawfick will be displaying an exhibit of his always fashionable and artistic photography.  XOXO


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Being that we are huge fans of Harry Potter, and with its finale coming very soon in theaters, we wanted to center our attention in one of their main characters.

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, also known and Hermione Granger, rose to fame thanks to that little famous book, called Harry Potter.  Born on April 15 1990, Emma, an English actress and model, was selected to bring to life Hermione at the tender age of nine, and has continued casting spells on the past six Harry Potter films.  As we all know, she will return for the final two installments: the two parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on November 2010 and later on in July 2011.  

But leaving the Muggle girl and Hogwarts aside, Emma has grown into herself and immersed her full attention into the art of fashion stating “I’ve been focusing on art a lot, and fashion’s a great extension of that.”  She is currently studying Art at Brown University.

Major fashion houses as Burberry have been captivated by Ms. Watson and in 2009 Emma Watson became the face of their new campaign.  With Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection and later Spring/Summer 2010 under her belt,   she has become a major fashion power It Girl.

That not being enough, this little box of surprises became the Creative Advisor for People Tree, a Fair Trade fashion brand in 2009.  Emma described the Spring/Summer 2010 collection as “a filter of just the very basics, filled with cotton vests, easy T-shirt dresses, nice scarves to accessorize with and some lovely linen pieces. The clothes are very British, which is why we shot the campaign in an English country garden – it’s all very strawberries and cream and tennis.”  She will continue working in producing great clothes for People Tree, which she enjoys as it not only helps her explore her creative side but also it helps poverty by offering great market possibilities to many countries with little economic support. 

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Ladies who thrive on out-of-the-box style, this one is for you!

The Colombian duo Andrea Vargas-Dieppa and Elisa Restrepo are the fashion visionaries responsible for the elegant yet casual unisex footwear known as Dieppa Restrepo.

Their signature designs are full of unique additions to the classical tuxedo-style worn by Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other icons of the past.  With more than 15 colors ranging from salmon pink to electric purple and multiple leather combinations, Dieppa Restrepo has transformed menswear into a fashion staple for the color-friendly, urban woman; clearly not for the shy at heart!

Two Colombian natives, Andrea from Barranquilla and Elisa from Medellin, were by fate united in New York by one shared dream.  The two then set out to launch their gentlemen-inspired footwear collection in May 2008.

The unique style of the line stems from each of the girls entrance into the fashion world.  Andrea, a former graphic designer, had her start as an art director for Lloyd & Co., while Elisa recalls the boldness of Parisian fashion as her inspiration.

And ladies, let’s be clear about one thing, we are not talking about any ordinary shoe; Dieppa Restrepo illustrates bohemian chic, with just the right touch of contemporary-urban style, perfect for the fashion iconoclast of today.  And did we mention there are no high heels involved?

Dieppa Restrepo is a walking contradiction… no pun intended. Playful custom lace-up options in classic patent leather shoes.  Timeless but fresh, cozy with a no-nonsense attitude.  The perfect combination for your office attire but chic enough to wear them with a short skirt; manly enough to show who wears the pants, but graceful enough to do it with style.

And we are pretty sure the Rat Pack would have enjoyed some color in their ensemble!

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