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Glamour Ghost

We invite all our readers to check out the  introduction of Costume Couture by Simon Doonan for Target.  New CHIC Halloween costumes that we know every It Girl would love.  Barneys New York Creative Director Simon Doonan’s unique style will be on display at exclusive Target stores starting September 19, 2010.  Let’s not forget the prices are unbeatable as they vary from $20 to$30 and everyone will have the chance to dress up! And when we say everyone, we mean everyone, including your four legged diva companion.

Spaguetti and Meatballs

Spaguetti and Meatballs

The party has not even started but what better way to really enjoy it than to be drop-dead gorgeous dressed up in a unique costume, designed by one major fashion genius!


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Great news, Mandrake PR was recently asked by Fashion Box Studio, to work side-by-side with BermanPR Consulting for a new Fashion and Beauty project in Miami, Florida. Being always on the lookout for local events, Team Mandrake jumped into the opportunity to expand its portfolio; and what better way to do so, alongside BermanPR Consulting, a firm who shares with Mandrake, the ups and downs of this profession.

Tatiana Berman

About BermanPR Consulting – Tatiana Berman, Principal for Berman PR Consulting is a marketing consultant with strong entertainment and corporate public relations and communications background. Her expertise has been lent to infinite Fortune 500 companies’ brands and multimillion-dollar enterprises. Tatiana has over five years experience as a consultant getting her independent career start working on the US Hispanic Business of worldwide communication conglomerate InterPublic Group servicing their Golin Harris, Weber Shandwick, and The Axis Agency public relations agency brands.

Thought to be a highly competitive arena, Public Relations is a great means to create solid business relationships. It is normal for analogous agencies to work together for the development of new projects; it is somewhat difficult but highly recommended as at the end, the result is a smart business symbiotic liaison.  In sum, it is a win-win situation for both parties!  Talents united make out a great recipe for success, not to mention the major ingredients involved, but more about that later.  So stay tuned as there is something brewing in the Sunshine State!

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South America indigenous accessories are little by little, getting fashion recognition. We are talking about pieces that have been fashionable for ages in countries, as Colombia and Brazil, and now they are making fashion statements worldwide. And we love it.

Case in point, the Tagua Nut used for creating rings, bracelets and necklaces are now a source of inspiration by many new designers.  This crazy, chunky and organic nut, found in the Amazon, is molded and dyed to create the perfect tropical vibe.  In addition, you will not only be making a fashion statement by carrying this unique staple, but local artisans are being paid fair wages for creating them.

By designer Dandi Maestre

Another example is the Arhuacos Wayuu Mochila, created only by the Northern pre-columbian Wayuu tribe in Colombia. Each mochila is a unique hand woven bag that tells a story of the artisan who created it.  The production of the bags usually take two to three months as artisans craft each bag to preserve the tradition rather than to make money, therefore they are not mass produced.   For this reasons no two bag are the same.  Now, fashion Mecca J.Crew has finally acknowledged the impeccable craftsmanship found in these bags and launched its own version of the mochila.

I think it is the perfect time to go ethnic!

J.Crew Version

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Some backstage images of our recent participation during NV Luxury Lifestyle Magazine launch which took place this past September 5th at Spazio Nero in Brickell. Silvana Danies Jewelry was present during the swimwear showcase, along with another local designer, Jojo Beachwear, who was making its official introduction into the Miami market.

It was exciting having the crowd mesmerized during the night with various fashion displays during the night, and luxury was definitely in the air.  Here are some images of behind the scenes during this night event.

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Another great reason to go out and enjoy the great Autumn breeze Miami nights have to offer. This Labor Day, September 5th, you will have a double celebration, a free Monday and the NV Luxury Lifestyle Premier at Segafredo Brickell.

NV luxury lifestyle Magazine and events are designed exclusively for those who are intrigued by the world’s finest treasures, this elite guide features the most successful individuals, rarest designer cars, yachts and aircraft, desired fashions, luxurious getaways, destinations, ravishing homes, and much more.

Our very own, Silvana Danies will be displaying her famous Chunky Necklace during the photo shoot and fashion showcase.

Here is the Schedule and we invite all to come and check it out!

Event Schedule – Sunday September 5th 8pm-close

8pm-11pm Spyker vehicle display /Ducati Superbike Display / Sponsor Displays

8pm-12am Art display by Holly Jones

9pm Red carpet photo shoot /Ducati Multistrada Photo Opts

12am Fashion Showcase

For fashion show seating & table reservations contact: ducati@spazionero.com

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