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As we didn’t want to neglect the lunch menus during Miami Spice we felt the need to venture out during the day and experience the great selection of restaurants in Miami.  The day was sunny and we felt somewhat informal and decided to head out to Key Biscayne to one of the oldest and most popular restaurants on the bay, The Rusty Pelican.  One thing was very present during our entire visit, their excellent service.  Not a minute passed by that our host/server was right on our side offering us new goodies.

Our View During Lunch

We tried their famous Conch Chowder, which was packed with Bahamian conch simmered with tomatoes and fresh veggies.  Afterwards we moved to the Salmon Filet, which was very interesting as it came with its own Cedar Plank.  This is something I have never witnessed before but happy to try out.  And the fun part, dessert was a very rich Key Lime pie; you couldn’t go more Miamian than that!!  So to all of you that want to venture out and have an excellent summer lunch with the best ocean view money can buy and catered by a great serving staff, I recommend the Rusty Pelican.

The Rusty Pelican is offering their Miami Spice lunch menu Mondays through Saturdays and dinner every day of the week.


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As we continue to take advantage of Miami Spice, we had a chance to visit Michy’s Restaurant.  Located in the slowly renovated Biscayne Boulevard, which little by little is offering the public, a great selection of fine dining.

Friday night came and we waited to be seated, as Michy’s was packed and rolling!  We took this chance to check out Michy’s unique décor and first thing that came to my mind was, vintage 80’s.  Color selection, wall mirrors and furniture, and honestly we were kind of worried that we had made the wrong decision.  Is good for once in a while to admit you are wrong.  We had a lovely dinner in the outside patio and from start to finish we were amazed. Starting with a great selection of Cava, we moved to our first course, which included a surprisingly delicious Chilled Corn and Crab Soup. Oh My, Oh My! Then we followed with the Salmon Poached in Lemon Olive Oil.  Perfect combination of a lemony and herb taste with Farro (a food product consisting of grains of certain wheat species) and summer vegetables.  Very nice and smooth dish.  And to end, we tried the Plum Cake with pecan crème Fraiche.  Can’t complain, great night and belly full.

Salmon Poached Main Course

Michy’s Miami Spice menu is offered Tuesdays through Friday and Sundays for dinner.

Patiently Waiting for Dinner

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Vocess” Fashion, Art & Music” Magazine will be hosting an event featuring an exclusive luxury lifestyle display of the New Ducati Mutistrada 1200 , VIP Sunset Yacht Photo shoot, artist performance and a Fashion showcase which will include our wonderful clients: Bijoux Beach, Miami Baby! and Silvana Danies Jewelry.

Vocess Magazine covers the hottest fashions, emerging artists, and the freshest music. This exclusive event will include a 3 day weekend of Fashion events starting on Friday, August 27th through the 29th. Bijoux Beach will run the catwalk on Saturday night, during the Couture Swimwear showcase, while Miami Baby! will be strolling its stuff on Sunday.

We invite all of our followers as well as all fashion lovers to pass by and have some fun during this event.  For more information  please email us at rsvp@mandrakepr.com.

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Partnership sealed by fashion, art and luxury, took place in the Dominican Republic as MasterCard Black created and sponsored the best quality platform in history.  For the first time, Hispanic talents came together under one roof to show their wonders to the world. Fashion Art Show united only the highest world labels, as Porsche, Max Studio and Sony, to produce a show filled with professional dancers, fashion designers and models.

The concept of the event was inspired by an enchanted garden which initiated with the “Dance to the Rain God,” a ritual that represents prosperity, and one that has been practiced through decades.

In addition, Colombian Pret’A’Porter designer, Silvia Tcherassi, was on site to display her Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  Luxury to its highest degree came walking down that catwalk!

Fashion Art Show was the visionary dream of the production company, Fashion Box Studio Inc. headed by Elías Maida and Patricia Rivadeneira.

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What a Lovely Dinner

Lido Restaurant is located in Miami Beach at The Standard Hotel. Two words describe Lido’s food: healthy and yummy.  It’s the perfect clash between delicious and wholesome natural food.  Executive Chef Mark Zeitouni has provided an extra hint of care and emphasis into every single dish as they all share high quality organic meats/fish, unprocessed foods and biodynamic wines.  The Mediterranean culture flourishes all through the restaurant as its typical cooking philosophy and décor swiftly makes its presence.  The Greeks and Turks would simply feel cheated!

During my lovely visit I tried the “Living Lasagna” Raw Vegetable Terrine.  I would never try anything that had the words “Living” and “Raw” in the same sentence, but good think I did. Delicious.  Highly recommended and we are pretty sure you will agree.

Lido Restaurant at The Standard Spa Hotel: 40 Island Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

The Miami Spice is offering a dinner menu all through the week, so give Lido Restaurant a try!

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Miami Spice is back! Starting August 1 through September 30, Miamians will again enjoy the spice of eating — out! Over 50 fabulous restaurants are offering the public affordable prices for their ingenious and original dishes.  As we are curious Georges, we will be strolling the streets of Miami to eat, drink and toast the night away while enjoying these two wonderful months of fine dining.  We will take notes and write our personal critiques for all of our followers to get an inside look and try out our faves.

First stop, Lido at the Standard, but you will have to wait until tomorrow.  So now, lets enjoy a good meal!

Come, Enjoy

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Its crazy to believe that we are already in August and ready for a new season to start!   With NYC Fashion Week coming soon, we can only imagine the great and unique new designs that will be strutting their stuff on the catwalk. Fall is our favorite season, not only for its ingenious fashion, but also because we see a total change in outside scenery.

Colors of Fall

Lets take some time to admire nature’s own fashion genuine style.  How falling tree leaves not only evoke a strange dreamy sense to the picture but also they determine the different hues for this season’s wardrobe color choices.  Military green will be very hot this winter.  Jackets, pants and even handbags are sporting this unconventional shade.  Gray again is the color of choice but with a little surprising twist when paired with hot summer colors.  Vibrant colors in small doses are still sneaking their way into fashion in forms of accessories, eye shadows and accents.  So definitely inspiration may come from anywhere, even that beautiful maple tree outside your door.

MICHAEL by Michael Kors "Camo" Handbag

Green is Good

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