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Being that on our last post we introduced this talented individual, well here goes more information about his work.  Enjoy!

Sex appeal, color and a flair for fashion, strange combination of words to describe an artist’s vision through a camera lens, but Tawfick De La Espriella mixes all that and something extra nice in his photos.  One sure thing, he has no limits, case in point, his Legs Infatuation Exhibit.


Once upon a time this talented young photographer didn’t have his heart set out to live by the way of a click and a flash of a camera, but instead had enlisted to become a chef.  And thanks to life’s unexpected turns, he became infatuated with taking photos which led him to study fashion photography at the School of Pop Culture Engineering, also known as Miami Ad School in Miami Beach, FL.

His photographs are explosive and seductive, but at the same time they captivate the attention of any audience, even when is just a pair of shoes.





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A Glimpse of Our Unsuccessful Photoshoot

As Mandrake PR is in the process of creating its own website, the Mandrake team was required to get professional but yet very artistic photos in order to properly complement the website.  We requested the services of the talented and young photographer, Tawfick De la Espriella for this special task.  And let me say, being a model is not as easy as it seems!  We envy those professional models that with a flick of a switch or with a snap of their fingers are picture perfect!! On the contrary, we mortals are succumbed to the trials and tribulations of standing straight while making sure we are aware of every single part of our body as we try to emit a sexy but yet demure image to the camera.

Giselle Bundchen, Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista, we applaud you for showing us how to work it, but for now, we are just going to leave the modeling sessions for the professionals.

Tawfick's Work


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The Mandrake Team introduces our new section called: It Girl on a Budget because we understand the great pleasure that comes with affording great fashion.  An example of this is a luxury handbags. What happens when you are unable to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the latest Marc Jacobs, or a timeless classic as a Chanel?

Well, it is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so by going with a designer-“inspired” bag we are actually eulogizing a great piece of fashion.

So praise-be the Internet! Because there are many sites that can delight our in-vogue senses while we are on a temporary “saving mode”.  We recommend fashionjunkee.com or shopsueyboutique.com to provide you with fashionable handbags inspired by the great ones for quite the reasonable price.  Your options range from Marc Jacobs and Chanel to Balenciaga’s stylish “Motorcycle” bag.

Motorcycle Bag at Shopsueyboutique.com

And the It Girl, being the resourceful minx that she is, will explore different options and take advantage of them.  Obviously, it will never replace an original, but we should not let the current economic situation limit our chances of looking trés chic, so why not indulge?

Give us your ideas of how to be the perfect It Girl on a Budget, we will love to hear from you!



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How average is your closet?  In a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate it? Well, after questioning myself about my own closet and its components, I was aware that I was missing that something extra.  Excellent excuse to go shopping!

The Magic of Organization

But seriously, what makes a great wardrobe closet a great one? Well, organization should be a top priority as well as what you might find inside.  You may have top designers ruling over your closet but if you are unable to find those great findings submerged under piles of stuff, what is the point of actually having them?

Organization: designer labels may not be the important aspect, but instead is the layout of well, everything.  Shoes should be accessible and on display; dresses and fine outerwear should be handing to avoid pesky wrinkles. Jewelry and accessories should be at hands-length so that they can inspire that great outfit.


Item Selection: vintage and fabulous shopping finds also adds a few points.  Those hard to find items that absolutely everyone dies for are a must to a perfect 10 closet.  Obviously, labels bring additional points to your final tally, but just a minimum.  It is not the quantity that you spent but the quality, and believe me, having other lush after those items you spent hours searching is worth gold.

So what is your closet score?

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Fashion Icon

Channeling bombshells from the past has become a successful approach to today’s fashion connoisseurs, which tells us that sometimes, reliving history is not always bad.  Lets start with our first fashion muse, Elvira from Scarface.  Now besides her coke addiction and mingling with the wrong crowd, her style was impeccable, to the point that today, 2010 we are still thriving on her big sunglasses, sequined short dresses, long bangs and gold chunky jewelry.  Even style icons of today, as Gwen Stefani, find inspiration in this great Drug-lord siren of yesterday.

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Mandrake PR was asked to represent a very talented and young designer. Warning: his style is very different; if you are in the search accessories with a showstopper attitude, Marl Vilaro accessories is just right for you.  Craftsmanship with passion.  Allured in a second. For Marl Vilaro, a young designer from Barranquilla, Colombia, inspiration comes out of nowhere, as a celestial touch from the unknown.  It feeds his creativity and maneuvers his hands and fingers into one of kind items that speak volumes of his outlook on life.  So let him bewitch you.

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Leyla De La Espriella is the bubbly personality missing in the Mandrake Public Relations equation.  Her free-spirit character and business-like personality have reached the perfect nirvana as she has effectively balanced fun and business together.

Leyla De La Espriella

After graduating with a Management and International Business degree, she successfully found her niche as she managed national and local companies for the last couple of years.

Now, Leyla is able to mix two of her favorite subjects: fashion and business, and with her ability to whip out business strategies while sharing a contagious smile, Leyla is the business wiz that makes Mandrake Public Relations such a business success.  Just one word of advice, don’t let that killer smile and quiet facade fool you!

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